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Hallowsgate Hospital,
1507 Slaughters Creek,
Cabin Creek, WV


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Mildred Warren

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PostSubject: Mildred Warren   Mildred Warren EmptyWed Oct 24, 2012 3:07 pm

Mildred Warren Appgz

Warren, Mildred

Mildred Warren 21bpy0p

      D.O.B: 24/09/1979
      AGE: 33
      GENDER: F
      STREET ADDRESS: 12806 Doe Lane
      TOWN/CITY: Damestown
      STATE: Maryland
      HEIGHT: 5'5”
      WEIGHT: 130 lbs
      ETHNICITY: Caucasian
      DISTINGUISHING MARKS: I have a prominent beauty mark on the middle of my left cheek. Some burn scarring on my right hand.

Employment Interview

Please list position(s) for which you are applying:
Occupational Therapist

Please explain why you are applying for the position(s):
I enjoy helping people lead more positive, productive lives. I think it's a vocation that's very universal. No matter where a person is in their life be it age, mental status, class, anything, they can still benefit from keeping busy and finding something they feel fulfilled from.

Why do you feel you would be the best candidate for the position(s)?:
I am patient above all. Which is indispensable in a place like Hallowsgate. I'm creative, in that I'm a good brainstormer, a good ideas person. Determined and diligent.

Do you posses the necessary qualifications for the position(s) for which you are applying? If yes, please list them below:
I have a BA from University of Maryland, Eastern Shore in Princess Anne with a major in psychology and a minor in history. And a Masters' from the University of Health Sciences in Bethesda.

What other qualifications or skills do you possess which you feel will aid your performance in the chosen position(s)?:
I did my internships in mental health facilities in Baltimore and Rockville.

Have you worked in this type of position or facility before? If so, where and when?:
Yes, as mentioned above, all my internships have been in mental health facilities. After completing my masters I was employed at the same facility in Baltimore (1990-2003) before coming to work here in a rehab centre (2003-2007) and the main hospital (2007-prensent) in Damestown.

Please describe your most recent employment experiences, including your positions and responsibilities there:
At all of these locations I have been employed as an occupational therapist, in each location I maintained a rotation of between 12 and 36 patients depending on the placement.

Saint Elias Hospital, Balitmore; Spirit Awake Rehabilitation Centre, Damestown; Damestown Christians' Hospital.

How do you think your previous education and employment experiences will aid your performance within the chosen position(s)?:
Very much so, yes.

Psychological Screening

Please describe yourself to the best of your ability, in only five words. ('And' will not count towards these.):
Diligent, Compassionate, Energetic, Old-fashioned and Spiritual

What methods would you employ in order to relax during times of stress, and how effective do you think these have been in the past?:
When I am stressed I fall into my hobbies, either to distract me or to focus my thoughts. I am something of a Jack of all trades. I cross-stitch and embroider, crochet, knit, book-bind, paper tole... Just about every craft under the sun I guess. I'm no expert in anything though, I just like to dip my toe in all the different waters.

Please list three traits about yourself that you consider negative, and three traits about yourself that you consider positive:
Positive: active, capable, and a good listener.
Negative: computer illiterate, bad eye-sight, and pushy

Describe one event in your life that you would change if you could, and why:
My family and I are distant these days. I wish I could go back and change that. I miss them and feel a bit guilty over the whole thing. I pushed them away when I was trying to "find myself".

If a superior gave you a task to complete, to which you were wholly, morally opposed, what would you do?:
I suppose it would depend what I objected to. If it was something that could be discussed and cleared up, I think it would all be just fine.

If you caught a friend and co-worker stealing from your place of employment, breaking rules, and/or endangering the safety of others, what would you do?:
Report them without a doubt. Nothing good could possibly come from all that.

If your application for employment to Hallowsgate Hospital is approved, will you agree to sign a full non-disclosure agreement, knowing that you would be unable to talk about any treatments or the patients with anyone not also employed by Hallowsgate Hospital?:
Yes, of course.

Environmental Screening

Where did you grow up, and what was it like there?:
I grew up in Upper Hill, Maryland. It's a small coastal town, very quaint, quite, and a bit old-fashioned. That's that's probably where I got my sensibilities. It was a great place to grow up.

What are/were your social interactions like? Do/did you have many friends and/or relationships?:
Good overall. I had my ups and downs, same as any kid. I had a few nice school friends but mostly I was very close with my siblings and cousins. We all went to the same school so we were a bit of a force to be reckoned with.

What prompted you to pursue the career path you are now following?:
I've always wanted to help people, always had a tendency to act something of a mother hen. I tossed around nursing and med school but in the end, occupational therapy involves a lot less bodily fluid. I think if I'd gone for the other options I'd spend an inhuman amount of time scrubbing underneath my nails.

Were you ever a member of the armed forces or of a law enforcement or security agency? If yes, please list rank and branch, or company name and location:

Do/Did you ever abuse controlled substances, including but not limited to alcohol, prescription medications, street drugs and tobacco?:

Have you ever been convicted of a crime? If yes, please list conviction(s) and served sentence(s) below:

Out of Character Section

What are they not telling us? What secrets do they have to hide? What back story are we not hearing? This is where you can tell us all the things your character wouldn't put on an application, or others don't know.:

For starters she was actually born in 1921, so it's safe to say nearly every word of this application is a lie. Let us start at the true beginning shall we?

Mildred was the third child, second daughter, of a family of nine. Her mother Rose, her father George. Her elder brother Luke, elder sister Christine, and then younger siblings John, David, Barbara, and August. She did grown up in Upper Hill, Maryland, that was truthful but in a very different time that was even more “old-fashioned” than what she indicated. At the time, the village was not yet a town and was almost entirely made up of Warren family members. There were a few other families around, but not many. They were close, loving, overall it was a good childhood. She often wistfully wishes to be back there instead of stuck at Hallowsgate for eternity.

Though, at the time she was going stir-crazy, looking for adventure like many a young person before her. Unlike Christine, who married young and relatively happily, Mildred didn't really have much for prospects in Upper Hill. So after she'd completed the eighth grade (as far as Upper Hill's school would take her) she and her cousin Charlotte went to Princess Anne for the next step, Normal School. Charlotte trained to be a teacher and Mildred picked the nursing route. It was a shock for them, being in so much of a bigger center, around different types of people. Those outside the family. While Charlotte planned to go back to Upper Hill as soon as possible, Mildred wasn't so sure. And naturally, everytime she contacted home she regretted it. They worried about their single daughter being out in that big bad world alone without her cousin. Asked constantly if she'd met a nice man-maybe a doctor-yet. After all, she was certainly pretty enough.

So, in an effort to appease them, she tried, genuinely so. She got dressed up, went to school's squeaky clean wholesome social mixers. Even went to a few unauthorized activities with a friend or two. Slowly but surely, Mildred began to realize that perhaps... she was different. Her feelings of attraction didn't seemed to be limited to squeaky clean wholesome men, or even just simply to men. She found herself lying awake and thinking of things that should appeal to a sweet god-fearing girl from Upper Hill. Quickly, it all started to scare her. So in her last year of nurses training, she threw ever bit of her into caring for the sick. Until there was nothing left of her to give to anyone who wasn't illing. It was her ultimate distraction, almost an addiction to selflessness.

When Mildred was twenty years of age the United States joined the war effort once more. Her father had been a proud solider in the Great War and he rallied much of his family to join the cause once more. Mildred, her father, John, and David all enlisted. But this war was far from what George Warren had seen before. The new weapons, the new aggression. It was harsh, technicolour, and seem to sear into the older man's mind. Burning out the memories of his farm life and happy family.

Mildred and George were the only one's who returned to Upper Hill. She knew she had to be there for her family with John and David lost. Her selflessness in full force after scrambling to help repair so much shocking carnage. But after a few months at home, it became apparent that even she was slowly becoming affected. The loss and disturbing memories were eating away at her father, he was drinking–heavily–barely slept, barely ate. Mildred did her best to try to get her father back on his feet and sober. Eventually with the help of Luke and Barbara they got him to stop drinking and do a little gardening. Though Luke was running much of the farm in his own anyways.

Intrigued by this new option, this new leg of nursing, Mildred slowly began to look for opportunities outside of Upper Hill. Even out of Maryland. Eventually she found a newspaper clipping for a place in West Virginia. A mental institution appealed to her it seemed cleaner, devoid of the waves of blood and the scent of burning flesh that she'd experience so often during her time in the force. She was 28 when she first took the position as a nurse in the female wards. Her utter dedication to her position however did not go unnoticed. By 31 she was the lead nurse for the ward. It made her happy, kept her busy, and that was quite enough for her. To simply be a spinster nurse and help patients learn what she had, that keeping oneself busy can lighten the feelings of the world and your mind being simply far too much for one person to handle.

Her death was one that was entirely unexpected. The details seem foggy at this point, she recalls being distracted by one thing or another, knocking over her glass of water as she hurried to answer a knock on her door. When she returned to her ironing she'd simply forgotten about her little spill. Then she experienced the most powerful surge of pain in her chest she'd never dreamed possible. Speechless. Bright light popped in her vision, like flashbulbs going off, she felt her knees go weak, like they'd turned to jello. A split second of the feeling of free fall as her vision went dark. That smell. Burning flesh.

Then it was over. What she's forgotten. The memory she'd never recovered was the person at the door. One of the other workers. A broad shouldered male orderly, a divorcee with piercing blue eyes. He made Mildred feel like she couldn't breathe. And apparently, made her entirely flustered and forgetful.

Now, living in her new reality, Mildred isn't able to be quite as selfless and self-sufficient as she once was. In a world where so much relies on technology Mildred needs to lean on her fellow ghosts. She can't touch a computer without totalling it, same goes for the hospital's radios or most new medical equipment. So, anything that completely requires technology, with no work around, she has to ask a more able ghost for. Over the years she's had to train herself to make the switch from traditional nursing to something with more talking, less digital thermometers and scanners and things. Thus the switch to occupational therapy. All her notes are entirely low-tech and she possesses more notebooks and pens than many people possess underwear and food combined.

However, she does have one refuge. Her home is unplugged. The refrigerator acts as an extra bookshelf, the stove contains her sewing stash. She has a few things that could almost be called technology: a 60's era camera, a pedal sewing machine, kerosene lamps, things like this. The one thing in her apartment she hasn't managed to unplug is the digital thermostat, she's powerless to control it and it seems to jump up and down whenever she walks past, it's pretty well the bane of her existence.

Outside of her “electric” personality (hahahaha) Mildred's death most frequently rears it's head in the form of the static shocks and chest pains from where the electricity stopped her heart. She has burn scars on her right hand that she falsely attributes to a canning accident. Also, given she crafty nature and her years and years to create, her apartment is nearly bursting at the seams. A bit of a hoarder, she has a lot of crafts, but she does try to gift them on others whenever possible. And she's constantly getting bored and trying to teach herself something or taking on a new type of project. She's slowly becoming a “master” in all those trades she claims to be a “jack” in.

Mildred tries to keep up something of a friendship with other ghosts. She frequently feels lonely, but she finds the living hard to interact with. She doesn't like the feeling of lying to them.

Your Nickname: Kels
Your Chatango Screen Name: KelseyLynnn
Your Character's Playby: Ali Liebert


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PostSubject: Re: Mildred Warren   Mildred Warren EmptyWed Oct 24, 2012 4:52 pm

Mildred Warren Appgz


    EMPLOYMENT POSITION: Occupational Therapist
    DEPARTMENT: Psychiatric
    IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR: Dr. Benjamin Graham
    APARTMENT NUMBER: Rathen House Apt. 3



Before you begin play, you must complete the few steps listed below:

  • Sign up for the Hallowsgate Staff membergroup HERE.
  • Sign up for the who plays who list HERE.
  • Sign up your play-by on the face claim HERE.

Don't forget to familiarise yourself with the pertinent patient handbooks and other in character information that you'll need to reference for play, and have fun!
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