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 Canon Positions

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PostSubject: Canon Positions   Canon Positions EmptyThu Oct 18, 2012 12:00 am

Ghost Canons Stuff:

Canon Ghost Characters Rules & Information

As you have probably gathered, Canon Ghost Characters are playable ghosts, belonging to Hallowsgate's facility buildings and grounds. If you are interested in playing one of these special positions, please be sure that you have read the following information very carefully and acquainted yourself with the regulations and guidelines for this kind of a position.

  • In order to play a canon ghost, we ask that the player in question have been with Hallowsgate for at least a month.
  • The player must be active with posting, and active within the community and the cbox on our portal page. Basically, we want to know who you are first, and we want to know you're here to stay.
  • The player must also have shown a consistently high quality of posting. We're not asking for novels here, but the player should at least be going above the minimum word count, and keeping up with the characters that they have already.
  • The player should attempt to do some reading or research into the era of the canon they would like to play, and just generally acquaint themselves with that canon's world and their profession or case. (You may also PM Ghost for help with this, if need be.)

Playing a Canon Ghost:
  • At this time, ghost canons may only pose as staff members. As such, they will fill out the regular staff application. You should, however, include your character's detailed history in the secrets section, and note that the application is canon, at the top of the app.
  • The canon character should remain active in their threads, and not leave other people hanging, unless you have posted an LOA to explain your absence from the board, or difficulties with posting. These positions are extremely limited, so do not take one unless you know you can devote the proper time and attention to it.
  • Make sure you read and refer to the guidelines for canon ghosts while you play. Ghosts have certain special abilities and restrictions that you should observe while playing them. We'll let Simon out of his crate if we see these powers being abused or flaws ignored.
  • Canon Ghosts must go out of their way to not be discovered by the living. This means no rattling chains, no walking through walls, no disappearing right in front of someone's eyes. If you wish to plot their discovery by a member of the living with someone, make sure you choose carefully who you reveal them to, and if in doubt, ask a staff member for a second opinion. Discovery could mean the end of your canon, if they are put into the wrong hands. You have been warned.
  • If your canon has a special ability that affects a scene or the people in it, if they are present, make sure that you note this at the top of your first post in the thread you start or join, so that other players are aware of the effects of their presence. If people do not take notice, feel free to poke them in the cbox or PM, or, refer to the below point.
  • If you have trouble with another player in regards to your ghost canon, such as they somehow "sense" your character is a ghost, or other forms of metagaming, godmoding or general bad roleplaying etiquette, you may contact a member of staff to help resolve the problem. No-one should be "sensing" anything if you're playing the canon correctly.
  • Any ghost guidelines below may be negated by canon specifics (listed in the canon's information) so be aware that not all rules may apply to your ghost.
  • If in doubt on anything, ask a staff member. We're here to help you out. Ghost loves talking history, especially asylum history, so don't be shy to ask questions about history in general, or more specifically, Hallowsgate!

  • Please post a reply to this thread telling us which canon you are applying for and your cbox username and which characters you play. We will get back to you in PM and let you know if you are accepted to apply for the position.
  • Outside of the canon details we've supplied, it's up to you to flesh out the rest of the story and make the character your own.
  • Ghost applications are essentially BSed for the modern age by the ghost themselves, and pushed through into the system by Cyril -albeit reluctantly. The app should read like any other modern staff member's app, with the correct dates and qualifications for this day and age, even if they're a lie.
  • Canon specifics go in the secrets section. We want to know their history and any other relevant points, like relationships with others and how they feel about their death, what they've been up to, etc.

Ghost Guidelines & FAQs

Canon Ghosts and Physics:
  • Canon ghosts cannot walk through walls that were there during the time they were alive at Hallowsgate. This means most of the walls. They abide by the laws of physics for the here and now, and the time that they were alive. For example, if your character was alive in the 1920s and they work in the medical area, all of the walls that were there when they were alive are solid to them. If there is a new addition since their death, they may choose to walk through it. They cannot take anything from the material realm with them through the wall, of course, and they should not be doing this while people are around.
  • All ghosts can effect the air temperature in their immediate vicinity depending on their moods, or in some cases, even just their presence. Negative emotions are more likely to result in a cold temperature, as is the presence of a negative ghost. In a similar fashion, in the event of very strong emotions, a ghost's 'presence' may be felt as a sort of static chill, by the living.
  • Canon Ghosts may appear and disappear at will, however they should not be doing so while people are looking, for the same reasons they should not be walking through walls while the living are around. They should be trying to blend in with the living. While invisible, canon ghosts cannot be seen, and may not effect the material realm around them unless their special abilities indicate otherwise. However, any special effects they may have on a scene or the people in it remain in effect until they have left the scene. (Note that canon ghosts cannot turn invisible to Josiah Rudolph, who earned a 6th sense as his random reward.)
  • Canon ghosts can appear anywhere, at any time, so long as it is on the grounds. They may disappear from one place only to appear moments later in another place. They may appear in any thread that is not marked as unbustable. However, they may not leave the grounds. Ever. They cannot go into town, or pass through the gates. They are permanently trapped at Hallowsgate.
  • Canon ghosts may be injured while they are visible, and will bleed like the living. They may not, however, die, and they heal their wounds exceptionally quickly. They may not be injured while they are invisible.

Canon Ghosts, Other Ghosts & 'The Ether'
  • All ghosts at Hallowsgate, both canon and non-canon, are subject to a collective 'entity'. Though they are largely individuals, they can be influenced by this overruling entity (which you will be informed of with a ghost post or the like, should it happen), and may all share in a sort of 'ether' realm of existence while invisible. Essentially, they can become invisible and stay in a scene, or just poof entirely, in which case they return to a dark, collective consciousness sort of being, with the other entities at Hallowsgate. They must pass through this 'ether realm' in order to materialise from one place to another. The ether can be an unpleasant place for many of the milder ghosts. It feels very cold, very empty, and generally malevolent and foreboding, jumbled with a number of unpleasant emotions from the others. Many more sensitive spirits may avoid this realm entirely, finding themselves emotionally overwhelmed and cold any time they happen to visit it, while others may enjoy to drift through it, finding it as a malevolent sense of belonging in a way.
  • Canon Ghosts may see other canon ghosts at all times, even if the other is invisible in a scene at the time. Canon ghosts may also see or sense other non-canon ghosts at times. The extent of this will be noted in the non-canon Ghost's post in a thread, so pay attention.
  • Canon ghosts may not be subject to physical attacks from non-canon ghosts, if they choose to turn invisible or dissolve into the ether. While they are visible, they are as vulnerable as the living, short of the fact that they cannot die, for obvious reasons.
  • Canon ghosts are more likely to be able to communicate with non-canon ghosts, both verbally and in a sort of telepathic, non-verbal sense. Some non-canon ghosts may refuse to be seen or communicated with, however. This will be noted in posts.
  • Canon ghosts, just as the other ghosts, will have certain places at Hallowsgate that they prefer to 'haunt'. They feel an undeniable draw to these places, and often find themselves materialising there or wandering back there without even realising it. Some may even choose to 'live' there when they are not engaging the living. These locations are listed in the canon specifics.
  • The nature of the ghost canon's death will effect them throughout their time here. From time to time, they may experience 'death echoes' as mild and fleeting sensations of the manner in which they died. The manner of their death may effect them psychologically as well. For instance, if they died in a dark, cramped space, they may suffer from claustrophobia, or they may avoid situations which remind them of their own death. These effects will also be listed in canon specifics.
  • As a general guideline, ghosts, both canon and not, know not to mess with 'Simon'. Some may be wary of him or just try to stay out of his way. To other ghosts, Simon's presence in a scene feels slightly reminiscent of the cold void of the ether, and is unsettling. Particularly negative types of canon ghosts may not find his presence entirely unwelcome, however, but others give him a wide berth and generally dread his appearance.

Canon Ghosts & The Material Realm
  • Animals do not like ghosts, canon or non-canon, with no exceptions. Staff pets, and livestock will become spooked, inconsolable, or even aggressive in the presence of a ghost. Many ghosts are, in turn, unnerved by animals for this reason. Even when a ghost is invisible, animals may still see and interact with them, and are able to wound them should they attack.
  • Canon ghosts may eat food and drink beverages, however, they do not gain the same pleasure from doing so as they did in life. If they died hungry, or thirsty, food and drink won't quench that feeling. They may not become intoxicated by alcohol or drugs.
  • All canon ghosts are largely aware that they are dead. They may have moments of slight confusion, appearing dazed when their mind becomes momentarily trapped between this time and the time they were alive, but in general, they know, and are actively careful to avoid detection by the living.
  • Canon ghosts may choose to have intimate relationships with the living, and be largely undetected. Typically, their skin is a little cooler, and a little more pale, but they are anatomically capable. Ghosts cannot procreate, however.
  • For survival in the modern era, ghosts may purchase and wear clothing. They may purchase it through catalogues or the internet, perhaps. This is up to you. Anything that is immediately on their person disappears and reappears with them when they phase in and out. When choosing your ghost's appearance and attire, remember to keep in mind the era they lived through and think about what they might find appropriate or inappropriate. A victorian nurse wearing a bikini, for example, might offend her ideas of modesty, etc.

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Canon Positions Empty
PostSubject: Re: Canon Positions   Canon Positions EmptyThu Oct 18, 2012 12:00 am

The Canons

Claimed canon positions appear in italics.

Canon Positions Garretti
Garrett Schaffer
    Age: 32
    Date of Death: 1902
    Previous Position: Physician ("Alienist")
    Current Position: Music Therapist
    Backstory & Personality: You lived and worked at Hallowsgate from it's opening, during an era when psychiatry was not considered a legitimate medical science. Physicians who proposed to work with the mentally ill were still just doctors, labelled as "alienists" and frequently scoffed at by the rest of the medical community. Regardless you were formally medically trained before you took the position, and took your job very seriously, such as it was in this era. Treatment of patients consisted largely of shackling or locking them up, as there were no known medications or procedures at the time. As a part of your affluent upbringing, you were trained in music, naturally, which will help now in your new position. You had a tendency towards being somewhat aloof, though you didn't mean it maliciously, only meant to cling to your professional air despite your negative labels. You had a brief but largely physical romantic fling with Maggie, one of the ward nurses, but your feelings for her were not as strong as her feelings for you.
    Circumstance of Death: You contracted smallpox from one of your patients, and unfortunately did not survive the affliction.
    Special Abilities & Flaws: You have a natural affinity for music and anything to do with it, and are able to rouse the emotions of others through your own playing, be it melancholy or joyful. Your music takes on an almost enchanting property, with the power to enthral and almost hypnotise others. As a flaw, you often feel momentarily overcome with the symptoms of the illness that killed you, such as faintness and fever, and aches and pains. Additionally, you frequently draw Simon's ire, though you can't quite remember why...
    Usual Haunt(s): The Administration Block and The Old Workhouse (where you oversaw patient work, and contracted your fatal disease.)
    Play-by: Gerhard Freidl

Canon Positions Maggies
Margaret "Maggie" O'Sullivan
    Age: 25
    Date of Death: 1902
    Previous Position: Ward Sister (Nurse)
    Current Position: Orderly
    Backstory & Personality: Though you did not come from a family of means, you had enough standing to train for a position as a nurse and secure a position at Hallowsgate Hospital. You were not entirely content with your life, often dreaming of a more romantic existence. When you met Garrett and embarked on a potentially scandalous romantic relationship, you fell in love. But Garrett was so frequently cold and dismissive outside of the bedroom. Regardless, you lorded him, and when he died of smallpox, you were heartbroken and could see no more reason to continue on.
    Circumstance of Death: Self administered poison (lye).
    Special Abilities & Flaws: You are a natural at your job, and when you are present in a scene you have the immediate effect of soothing and calming others there merely by your presence. People are naturally trusting of you. However, the circumstances of your death frequently leave you with phantom internal pains, and you cannot eat or drink anything whatsoever, even for appearance's sakes. To do so causes the food or drink to come back up, along with a good deal of blood.
    Usual Haunt(s): The Female Wards
    Play-by: Jovita Miseviciute

Canon Positions Florak
Flora Wilkerson
    Age: 23
    Date of Death: 1927
    Previous Position: Nurse
    Current Position: Nurse
    Backstory & Personality: You hated Hallowsgate. You hated the patients, and you hated West Virginia. You wanted to go out to California and try to make it in Hollywood as an actress or model, but you were poor and stuck with your lot in life. As a result, you were not very pleasant to the patients, and often had a prickly demeanour and short temper. You were generally dreaded on the women's ward where you worked, and were quick to punish patients who stepped out of line or generally inconvenienced you. You had an air of superiority that put others off and only alienated you further. You felt quite alone, and though you were chilly, you were secretly lonely and depressed. You made a number of enemies of the more violent women on the wards, which ultimately led to your early demise.
    Circumstance of Death: Blunt force trauma (Murdered by a patient)
    Special Abilities & Flaws: You have a short temper to this day. You hate that you're now trapped at Hallowsgate for eternity, and you especially hate many of the other ghosts and staff, and will go out of your way to sabotage them. When present in a scene, you tend to incite the more violent emotions of those present, generally exacerbating situations.
    Usual Haunt(s): The female wards & Nurse's station.
    Play-by: Emilie de Ravin

Canon Positions Ellisq
Ellis Edward Granger
    Age: 27
    Date of Death: 1949
    Previous Position: Psychosurgery Intern
    Current Position: Lead Physician's Nurse Practitioner
    Backstory & Personality: Psychosurgery was in your blood, whether you liked it or not. As a son to Hallowsgate's chief psychosurgeon, Dr. Timothy Granger, you didn't have much choice but to fly the straight and narrow, because the consequences of stepping out of line were often unpleasant and likely painful. So you went to med school, like your father, and proved very bright in your field. You were then given your residency position studying under your father. It was not what you wanted to do, but you had a secret much bigger to hide, and going along with the plans made for you was a way to belay suspicions. That was until you fell for one of the male patients who was admitted with a "case" of homosexuality - which was still in the DSM as a mental illness at the time. For a year or so you managed to keep it a secret between you, but when you were caught and your father found out, things went... badly.
    Circumstance of Death: Blunt force trauma to the head. (Accidentally murdered by Dr. Timothy Granger)
    Special Abilities & Flaws: Considering the circumstances of your death, you are an incredibly secretive soul now, guarded against further pain. With a history of an abusive father under your belt, you have a touch of PTSD to boot, and have a tendency to freak out if a male gets too 'close' to you. You are well and truly in the closet, as a result. In a scene, however, you tend to garner the attentions -platonic or otherwise depending on the characters present- of males, who seem naturally drawn to you. It's kind of a torture for you actually because you daresn't get close to any of them yourself.
    Usual Haunt(s): The Pool House Changing Rooms (where you would meet your lover in secret, by night)
    Play-by: Benjamin Eidem

Canon Positions Mildred
Mildred Warren
    Age: 33
    Date of Death: 1954
    Previous Position: Matron (Lead Nurse, Female Wards)
    Current Position: Occupational Therapist
    Backstory & Personality: Efficiency and decorum were the name of the game, for you. You entered nursing at a tender age, always having been interested in helping people with mental illnesses recover and become productive once more. Most likely, this was due to the state of your alcoholic father who was still suffering from PTSD after the second world war. You took your job very seriously, and though you leaned towards the strict and disciplined, you were not necessarily cruel. You simply believed there was a place for everything, and everything in its place. You particularly prided yourself on helping to keep the women patients employed with needlework or other 'useful' feminine hobbies. Ironic, then, that it was one of those hobbies, in your own home, that resulted in your death.
    Circumstance of Death: Electrocution (Electric iron, plus cloth covered wire, plus spilled water, equals trouble)
    Special Abilities & Flaws: Electronics don't particularly like you any more. It's lucky that Hallowsgate still has its original, manual locks, because gadgets tend to short out when you're around. When agitated, you also seem to give of a static charge, and can zap people as if you've been running your socks over a carpet in winter.
    Usual Haunt(s): The women's wards, and the occupational therapy rooms.
    Play-by: Ali Liebert

Canon Positions Glennn
Glenn Moore
    Age: 30
    Date of Death: 1979
    Previous Position: Child Psychiatrist
    Current Position: Psychologist
    Backstory & Personality: You were a generally positive soul, and honestly, a bit of a hippie. You knew from a young age that you wanted to help people, especially children, and you were good at your job, even if you contemporary, Anita Forrester seemed to me making matters worse with the younger male patients for some reason. You had your suspicions... Regardless, you tried to do what you could to make Hallowsgate a better place for the children and teenagers who resided there, but with dwindling money and resources, the place was getting worse and worse. You found this ultimately depressing, but you tried your best, and began petitioning for patents to be transferred out, to homes, a move which your superiors tried to block. Ultimately, your attempts to get people -or a certain person like Cyril- out of Hallowsgate and into a better life earned you the attention of another little boy who was not so receptive to your efforts...
    Circumstance of Death: Exposure (Locked in disused ward by Simon)
    Special Abilities & Flaws: You still want to help patients, even if as a psychologist now, you don't have a roster and can only help out through group sessions or one-on-one counselling with various patients. You remember Cyril to this day, though he doesn't seem to want to have much to do with the other ghosts. Still, you try to help out where you can and keep the other ghosts' damage to a minimum. You hate Ulysses especially, and his methods, and you have something of a rivalry with him. As your ability, when invisible, you may still effect the material realm around you. Essentially, you're a poltergeist. However, you also have a crippling case of nyctophobia, or fear of the dark...
    Usual Haunt(s): The Children's Ward and The Administration Block
    Play-by: Brendan Hines

Canon Positions Cyrilb
Cyril Hiram Darling
    Age: 40
    Date of Death: Sept. 11, 2012
    Previous Position: Facility Administrator
    Current Position: Facility Administrator
    Backstory & Personality: Almost all of your memories of early life are of Hallowsgate. You were a patient here from a young age, until it closed when you were eighteen. Life was not easy, especially when your "imaginary friend" Simon earned you the label of schizophrenic, and all the treatment plans that came along with it. Not to mention the attentions that Dr. Anita Forrester invested in you. Glenn tried to help out in those early years, but eventually he was overlooked. Once you did leave, you knew you had to figure out a way to get back home, and to re-open Hallowsgate you needed to assert yourself in the psychiatric community. Thus qualified, you re-opened the hospital with the intention of proving to yourself and everyone that you weren't mad. But when things started to take a darker turn and people were endangered, you had cold feet and threatened to close the place down again. But Simon just wasn't having any of that...
    Circumstance of Death: Trauma & Internal Bleeding (Murdered by Simon, dropped down an elevator shaft)
    Special Abilities & Flaws: Death is still new to you, and as such the line between living and dead is still a little blurred, and you often find yourself dazed and even forgetful about what happened, or that it happened at all. But the circumstances of your death have certainly had an effect, and you are now caught somewhere between a state of claustrophobia and agoraphobia. When agitated, you can have an involuntary poltergeist-like effect on your surroundings.
    Usual Haunt(s): The Children's Ward
    Play-by: Jason Cheetham

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Canon Positions
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