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Hallowsgate Hospital,
1507 Slaughters Creek,
Cabin Creek, WV


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Plot Appgz

Welcome to Hallowsgate Hospital

Hallowsgate Hospital is an intermediate to advanced, dark asylum roleplaying game with a gracious side-helping of the supernatural. Set in a partly refurbished, historic asylum in West Virginia, Hallowsgate cuts a stark and imposing figure against the forested skyline. Many parts of the old complex have yet to be renovated and opened to the patients of the main building. Though construction is often under way, the process is a slow one, and many parts of the complex -and the restless souls drifting within- have been left undisturbed.

Until now.

Following the recent re-opening of Hallowsgate's central building, the rest of the facility grounds frequently play host to wandering patients who have slipped the leash of tight, institutional control to explore this abandoned site. More often than not, they find more than they bargained for, and Hallowsgate's old patients and staff are all too ready to assure 'new admissions' that this asylum was, and is their home.


Abandoned locations at Hallowsgate are designated by a red colour on the forum index. In order to post in these forums, you must purchase an exploration reward with the RP points you generate simply by posting on the forum. (Don't worry, they're cheap!)


Plot Welcomepost

Hallowsgate Hospital is remotely located outside of Cabin Creek, West Virginia, about twenty miles from Charleston. Originally built in the 1880s to handle patient overflow from one of West Virginia's largest cities, it functioned as a state lunatic asylum for about a century, before it was forced to close due to allegations of poor living conditions, patient neglect, physical and sexual abuse, and health code violations. Since the late 1980s it has remained abandoned and crumbling as the surrounding nature works to reclaim it. Until now of course.

Funded by grants from various up and coming pharmaceutical companies, the central block of Hallowsgate's sprawling expanse has been renovated to its former glory, ready to house and treat new patients. The Hallowsgate of today caters to adult patients only, looking to heal and reform only the most troubled cases. Prognosis for new patients of Hallowsgate seems positive. However, Hallowsgate's previous patients and staff may have other ideas.

The facility is comprised of a sprawling expanse of Victorian wards and buildings, linked by windowed corridors. Security is tight, aiming to keep the new patients out of wards and buildings that have yet to be cleared out and renovated, but inevitably someone always slips through, and what they find beyond the glistening central block might be shocking in comparison.

Hallowsgate's outerlaying buildings and wards have been left exactly as they were when the facility closed down, almost thirty years ago. Furniture, apparatus and appliances remain, along with records and personal affects. Time has taken its toll, of course, and these abandoned buildings can become labyrinthine and confusing. Plaster has crumbled from the walls, windows are broken, ceilings have fallen down. And what's worse is that if the environment doesn't cause you trouble, its residents might...

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