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Cabin Creek, WV


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 Jamie Gibbs

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Jamie Gibbs
Jamie Gibbs

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PostSubject: Jamie Gibbs   Jamie Gibbs EmptySat Aug 04, 2012 11:10 pm

Jamie Gibbs Logoeyf

Gibbs, Jamie

Jamie Gibbs O71lp

      D.O.B: 15th October 1988
      AGE: 23
      GENDER: F
      STREET ADDRESS: 3624 Maccorkle Avenue
      TOWN/CITY: Charleston
      STATE: West Virginia
      HEIGHT: 5'5"
      WEIGHT: 125
      ETHNICITY: Caucasian
      DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Any other distinguishing marks such as birth marks, moles, piercings and tattoos.

Medical History

Do you have any ongoing medical issues for which you require treatment or medication?:


Are you aware of any allergies? If so, please list allergy, age of onset and any medications or treatments you require or recieve:


Have you had any surgeries or invasive procedures in the past? If yes, please list reason and approximate age of procedure:

C-section. I was sixteen, it would have been a breech birth otherwise. That was my first kid, Jody. Adam, when I was Nineteen, was all natural.

Do you take any medications or supplements daily? Do you follow any treatment plans? Please list medications or treatments, and reasons below:

I don't take anything willingly. I've been prescribed Lithium, 1000mg a day, and abilify, 15mg a day. Not all at once, obviously. I hate the stuff. One or the other of them makes me a bit dizzy, and I get headaches sometimes, but mostly it's the hassle I hate. I have to manage my diet and shit, it's just not fun. I was doing fine without all this crap.

Do you use tobacco, consume alcohol, or use any other drugs including street drugs and/or prescription medications not prescribed to you? If yes, please list number of packs a day, number of drinks a day, and/or drugs consumed below:

I used to. Used to smoke, drink, and do coke. Started on the coke when I was seventeen, and in a downswing. My boyfriend at the time, charming guy that he was, thought uppers would get me out of it. I was taking it right up until three months ago, when I got arrested. Part of the reason they took the kids, I guess. I didn't take too much, usually, just enough for a buzz when I needed it. I still smoke pot, it calms me down, helps me relax, and doesn't harm anyone.

Psychiatric Screening

Please describe, to the best of your ability, your emotional and mental state of wellbeing:

What does this even mean? Mentally, I think I'm fine, but no-one listens when I say that. They say I'm not stable. Sometimes, for a few weeks on end, I'll be on top of the world. I'll have all the energy I could ever want, I won't sleep much, I'll smoke pot and do more coke than usual, but I'll just feel great. My mind races though, I get all these ideas, and they're great, but before I can do anything with them, I get another one that's even better. They say it's dangerous because my attention span pretty well stops existing, and my judgement isn't much better. [s]I sleep around a lot when I get like that.[/s] Literally the only downside I can see to it is that I get really short tempered. I hit people, I break stuff, [s]and I beat my kids. That's the part I hate.[/s] After the last one of these, the cops got involved.

That's when I'm on an upswing, like the last time. Sometimes, not as often, I'll go the other way. They last longer than the upswings, I think the longest went for two or three months. I don't just get a bit mopey when these happen, I lose interest in everything; I stop eating; I'm always tired. I'll feel like I'm totally alone, and I want to die. In the past, I have self harmed while in this state. I've thought about suicide a lot, but never acted on them.

Have you been diagnosed with any psychiatric or psychological ailments? Please list any diagnoses below, and the treatments or medications prescribed to you. Please include name of medications, dosage, and number of doses per day:

I've been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, type I. I wrote the meds down already. Look up.

Have you ever been hospitalised or referred to regular outpatient care due to these ailments or associated incidents? If so, please note where, and at roughly what age:

I have been receiving outpatient care from Doctor West at the Charlestown Central Clinic for the past two months. Now the court case is over, I'm being referred to you.

How have these ailments affected you and your life? Are there any major life instances you feel have been directly affected by these ailments, such as suicide attempts, criminal activities, etc?:

This is a joke question. I already told you, my kids were taken away. They say I'm dangerous to myself and others, and even though I'm off the coke now, I can't even attempt to regain custody of my children until I've been through residential care. I lost my temper, I hit Jody, gave her a black eye, a teacher sees the bruise and the nest thing I know, I'm in jail. They've said it's all down to my condition. Mostly.

What is your social life like? Do you have many friends or relationships? How are your family relationships?:

I don't really have one. I have two children, before things happened, they took up all my time, and what I didn't give to them, I gave to my coke addiction and my various boyfriends. None of those ever really lasted long though; it was mostly just me, the kids and the coke.

Family wise, there's just the kids. I haven't spoken to my parents in six years or so now, they didn't approve of the way I was living my life, so I cut them out of it. It was probably a mistake, but I don't really care about that one. The mistake I deeply regret is what I did to my own children. I love them, Jody, my six year old daughter, and Adam, my four year old son. When I'm manic, I have real trouble controlling myself and my temper, and I hit them. More than once.

Do you believe your life circumstances have contributed to any ailments? If so, what circumstances, and why do you feel they have contributed?:

Not really. They contributed to the coke, but that's gone now.

If you could change one past event that has happened to you, what would it be, and why?:

I wouldn't have given Jody that black eye. I'd have taken my meds instead of selling them. Anything to keep custody of my children.

Do you wish to rehabilitate from your ailment(s)? If so, how do you feel this would best be accomplished?:

Yes. I don't know how, aren't you supposed to be the professionals here? If I knew, I'd have done it already.

Environmental History

Where did you grow up? Please list the location(s) and describe what it was like growing up there:

Charlestown, WV. It wasn't anything special. Suburban home, suburban family. Father drank himself stupid, mother drank herself insensible so she didn't have to deal, I was left to my own devices. They never fought, that would involve them paying enough attention to eachother, they just drank and left me to it.Mostly that meant playing with the boys and getting into fights over baseball and soccer. Kid stuff.

What was your family life like? Did you spend much time with your parents? Do you have any siblings? If so, what are your relationships like?:

Like I said. Loveless home. Parents both drank, father held a job that paid enough to keep us comfortable and them both intoxicated enough not to have to try and deal with shit. I have one older brother, last time I saw him was when he joined the marines at eighteen. Far as I know, he's still there. I didn't really have relationships with my parents, and my big brother always thought I was just a stupid girl. I spent all my time trying to impress him, the way kids do, but never managed it. He's a douche.

What was school like? Did you have any problems? Did you enjoy school? What were your grades like?:

Straight C student. Half the time I couldn't focus, either I was depressed or I was bouncing off the walls, and the other half I just couldn't care less. I dropped out at fifteen anyway, never did pick up my GED.

Did you engage in any extracurricular activities, such as academic, artistic, or sporting clubs?:

I played field hockey, briefly. Apparently they don't like it when you're aiming for shins.

What was work like? Did you have any problems? Did you enjoy your work? What were your coworker relationships like?:

Never held a real job, so I couldn't tell you. I've done bar and waitress work here and there, but I never stick it out. Wither I get manic and forget to go in, or I get depressed and can't face it. Either way, I get fired.

Have you ever been convicted of a crime or misdemeanour? If yes, please explain, list conviction, and list any sentences associated with convictions:

Possession of coke, Child Neglect, Child Abuse. I got three months for the coke, the neglect was dropped on appeal, and the abuse is what's getting me sent here. I have to complete treatment before I can get on with my life.

Lastly, please tell us about yourself. How do you feel about yourself and what you have done with your life? If you have committed crimes, how do you feel about those now? What are your hopes for the future?:

Looking back, I hate myself for what I've done. I want to get 'better', but I hate the idea of medicating myself back to what people think is normal. I'm off the coke, for good.

I just want my kids back.

Out of Character Section

What are they not telling us? What secrets do they have to hide? What back story are we not hearing? This is where you can tell us all the things your character wouldn't put on an application, or others don't know.:

She's being pretty open really. What she's not saying is that Jody going to school with a black eye was not the first time teachers noticed. It was more like the tenth, between the two siblings. The only reason she has any chance at all of getting them back is a quick thinking lawyer and a fresh diagnosis, prior to her arrest she'd never even seen a psychiatrist.

She's also not saying that she was a small time dealer, on and off. She mostly sold cannabis to students, enough to keep the rent paid and the kids fed, with a little left over to smoke herself. Unlike the coke, she never kicked the pot, nor had any intention of doing so.

Finally, she's not mentioning that she doesn't know who the fathers of her two children are. They're both (probably) the results of one night stands during periods of mania, something she is a little embarrassed about, not that she'll admit anything of the sort.
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Jamie Gibbs Empty
PostSubject: Re: Jamie Gibbs   Jamie Gibbs EmptyMon Aug 06, 2012 5:43 pm

Jamie Gibbs Approvedk


    DIAGNOSIS(ES): Bipolar Type I, Substance Abuse
    WARD: Female
    BED: 03
    THERAPIST: Dr. Gunner Bjorgen



Before you begin play, you must complete the few steps listed below:

  • Sign up for the Hallowsgate Patient membergroup HERE.
  • Sign up for the who plays who list HERE.
  • Sign up your play-by on the face claim HERE.

Don't forget to familiarise yourself with the pertinent patient handbooks and other in character information that you'll need to reference for play, and have fun!


Jamie Gibbs Siggyei
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Zoya Ilyushin

Zoya Ilyushin

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Jamie Gibbs Empty
PostSubject: Re: Jamie Gibbs   Jamie Gibbs EmptyTue Sep 25, 2012 12:43 pm


    Date: September 6, 2012
    Patient(s) Involved: Jamie Gibbs, Stormy Monroe
    Responding Staff: Officer Zoya Ilyushin

Incident Notes: Ms. Gibbs and Ms. Monroe got involved in a physical fight in the recreation room. Ms. Monroe had demanded that everyone in the rec room "shut up", and Ms. Gibbs, by her own admission, was "taunting" Ms. Monroe. Ms. Monroe began assaulting Ms. Gibbs, who retaliated by both punching Ms. Monroe and stabbing at her with a pencil she held in her hand. The fight was quickly broken up. Ms. Monroe was taken to the hospital wing to have her injuries tended to, while Ms. Gibbs was escorted back to her room.

Additional: Ms. Gibbs made a visible attempt to calm herself down after Ms. Monroe was restrained, and when she failed, requested that she be "put in seclusion" in order to calm down. She also freely admitted that she had taunted Ms. Monroe into the fight, but insisted that she had not intended to use the pencil as a weapon--she simply had it in her hand when Ms. Monroe attacked her and used it out of instinct.

Follow-Up: Ms. Monroe and Ms. Gibbs should be kept apart as much as possible. Additionally, I think Ms. Gibbs might benefit from having a room of her own, or at the very least a space in the facility to which only she, and her therapist, have access--a place of her own, where she can go to calm down when she feels the need. I do not think her rec room privileges need to be revoked at this time, but she should be monitored closely.


Jamie Gibbs 2irayy0
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Dr. Rose Lewis

Dr. Rose Lewis

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Jamie Gibbs Empty
PostSubject: Re: Jamie Gibbs   Jamie Gibbs EmptyTue Nov 20, 2012 3:27 am


    Date: 11/19/12
    Attending: Dr. Rose Lewis
    Session: Individual Therapy

Therapy Notes:
While this was our first session together, Jamie and I began immediately with her incident at the bonfire. She explained that she saw a vision of her daughter dancing around the fire, and expressed an extreme amount of alarm because of this. She also stated that she has been trying to work on controlling her moods but it so far has proved ineffective. She also continued to state that she is “not crazy” and grew more irritable throughout the session. This statement was repeated several times as though she was very self-conscious as to what I thought of her.

I worked with Jamie toward opening up about cognitive behavior therapy. We began discussing techniques for her to help control her mood. She was resistant to these ideas, but did at least acknowledge that she could try. She continued to grow irritable despite my best efforts. We ended the conversation on best moving forward with treatment. I stated again that I was there to help her toward a better recovery.


The vision of her daughter is disturbing. I believe that Jamie might be having a reaction to her meds or perhaps be extremely sleep deprived. There is no prior history of any such behavior.


Monitor for any continued hallucinations. Also a blood test to see if she may have been overprescribed medications, and if there are any continued side effects.

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Dr. Rose Lewis

Dr. Rose Lewis

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Jamie Gibbs Empty
PostSubject: Re: Jamie Gibbs   Jamie Gibbs EmptyThu Dec 06, 2012 1:51 am


    Date: 12/3/12
    Attending: Dr. Anita Forrester
    Session With: Dr. Rose Lewis
    Session: Group Therapy

Therapy Notes: I began the session welcoming each participant and allowing them to choose a seat in a circle within the recreation room. Tally was disrespectful from the start, referring to me by my first name “Rosie” although was altogether pleasant otherwise. Adriana appeared disinterested in the session, as well as Nolan. Lauren was quiet and unassuming upon entering. Jamie appeared irritated and disinterested. We began the session introducing ourselves, and it seemed most were tired of this exercise (as it appears in most sessions—there should be a note regarding who has worked with whom). Shortly thereafter, we began the visualization exercise. After explaining to several members of the group what visualization was—with some help from Tally, albeit critical and rude—we began. I asked them to imagine themselves: You are lost at sea on a stormy night. You see a glimmer of light leading you to land. If you row hard, you can make it. Someone waits for you with a warm meal, dry clothes, and a place to rest. I then stated that we would be sharing what we had seen, and proceeded to go around the circle. Adriana shared that she saw Andrew, and that he reminded her of “Patience, stability....old spice aftershave and that sandalwood orange soap he always used..." Unfortunately, Nolan appeared to have a flashback to the time of his injury. While we woke him, Tally continued to agitate other members of the group. He left of his own accord, cursing the session and storming off. Dr. Finn McAlister was present to help with his dismissal. Jamie Gibbs also decided to leave, declaring the session worthless, and stating that I did not care about her. Tally revealed that she saw herself on the shore, and that she didn’t think that she would make it. Lauren went on to reveal she saw her husband and children, that "Kenneth was holding them in his lap. Kenny and Natalie were holding their arms out for me. They need their mother." Tally and Lauren had a positive exchange, and after this I dismissed the group.

Additional: Jamie did not participate in the discussion, other than arguing with Tally. She had an outburst and decided that she did not want to remain in the session.

Follow-Up: I worry that Jamie feels as though the people at Hallowsgate do not care for her well-being. We must reinforce what we are working toward with her and continue to work on her moods.

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Faith McCoy

Faith McCoy

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Jamie Gibbs Empty
PostSubject: Re: Jamie Gibbs   Jamie Gibbs EmptyFri Dec 07, 2012 2:35 pm

Incident Report

Who Was Involved: Jamie Gibbs and Joleen McMahon
Staff That Responded: Nurse Faith McCoy

Incident Notes: I was doing my round through the Second Floor Female Wing, when I heard someone desperately screaming. I ran to the site of the screaming, which was Acute Dorm 6, and saw Jamie Gibbs's hand wrapped solidly around Joleen McMahon's throat with no signs of letting go. I promptly called for Orderlies, while wrapping my arm under Jamie's and across to her other shoulder, safely and quickly pulling her away from Joleen. It was clear this was not going to be enough, so I reminded Jamie that if she killed another patient the chances of her seeing her children again were slim to none. I realize this may not have been in the best technique, but it got through to Jamie who promptly let go of Joleen's throat, right as the younger woman was beginning to pass out from lack of oxygen and most likely die.

Afterwards, Jamie proceeded to repeat that she was not crazy, at least twice, to which I responded that I did not believe her to be crazy. I place myself between the two to ensure that if another fight broke out, neither patient would come to harm, while assessing Joleen was okay for the moment though it was clear the two had been fighting for quiet awhile before a staff member arrived.

Additional Notes: It should be noted, and perhaps brought up to Jamie, that I stated I would not be taking her into seclusion, but into a room in the medical wing to calm down and also for another nurse to see to the woman's injuries. I told the young woman she would be escorted to a separate room then Joleen, and her overseeing psychiatrist would be called immediately for further action. She either did not hear my clearly, want to hear, or simply did not believe what I was saying, because she continued to rant about going to seclusion right this moment. Having no other option, and not wanting to spark her temper further, I told the orderlies to escort her to seclusion and I would be alerting another nurse to meet them there to see to her wounds.

Follow-Up: Due to the physical state of both, I did not stop to investigate the story and origin of the fight, but I will be leaving a note on their psychiatrists desk for them to do so. It was also clear that Jamie Gibbs does not trust the staff to have her best interests, this issues should probably be addressed as well so any future altercations may run smoother. Due to Jamie's record here so far at Hallowsgate, I believe it should be brought up to the appropriate personnel that Jamie be given her own Chronic Room, as she is a danger to every roommate.


Jamie Gibbs Down_zpsad657f5a
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Nevaeh Valentine

Nevaeh Valentine

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Jamie Gibbs Empty
PostSubject: Re: Jamie Gibbs   Jamie Gibbs EmptyWed Dec 12, 2012 12:22 pm

Incident Report

    Patients involved: Jamie Gibbs & Talluah Tansy
    Responding Staff: Nurse Nevaeh Valentine

Incident Report:
I had just started my shift when I noticed Miss Gibbs calling for medical staff form the ladies room, specifically a doctor. I responded and entered the bathroom, the first thing I noted was the smell of bile and Miss Tansy exiting one of the cubicles. Noting that she is in the Nutritional Support Group and that it has been well over ninety minutes since her last meal, I don't believe miss Tansy was trying to purge She did admit that she is in the nutritional focus group and was simply purging form force of habit. I am not entirely sure this should be believed but there was not evidence to suggest otherwise. The notes on file don't indicate these two to be friends or that they have associated outside of a group therapy where they argued. Because there was no conflict, I sent them on their separate ways.

Additional Notes: Jamie was expecting to get Talluah into some sort of trouble by informing staff, I believe she thought that Talluah was purging and wanted her caught in the act. Perhaps Dr. Forrester can talk to Jamie about this behavior.

Follow-Up: Nothing of note.
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PostSubject: Re: Jamie Gibbs   Jamie Gibbs Empty

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Jamie Gibbs
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