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 Zachary Ward

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Zachary Ward

Zachary Ward

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PostSubject: Zachary Ward   Zachary Ward EmptyWed Jul 04, 2012 1:14 am

Zachary Ward Logoeyf

Ward, Zachary Landon

Zachary Ward 2ilf1g8

      D.O.B: 29/02/1985
      AGE: 27
      GENDER: Male
      STREET ADDRESS: 1805 - 37th Street
      TOWN/CITY: Hibbing
      STATE: Minnesota
      HEIGHT: 5”9'
      WEIGHT: 152 lbs.
      ETHNICITY: African American
      DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Glasses, some scarring, most noteable is the surgery scar on his right knee.

Medical History

Do you have any ongoing medical issues for which you require treatment or medication?:

Are you aware of any allergies? If so, please list allergy, age of onset and any medications or treatments you require or recieve:
Avacados: Mr. Ward says he realized this at age 20. Ingestion causes an upset stomach and vomiting.

Have you had any surgeries or invasive procedures in the past? If yes, please list reason and approximate age of procedure:
Mr. Ward says he had a routine knee surgery at age 16 to correct damage done in a high school league soccer game.

Do you take any medications or supplements daily? Do you follow any treatment plans? Please list medications or treatments, and reasons below:

Do you use tobacco, consume alcohol, or use any other drugs including street drugs and/or prescription medications not prescribed to you? If yes, please list number of packs a day, number of drinks a day, and/or drugs consumed below:
Mr. Ward smokes irregularly. He tends to only smoke during tense situations as a calming and evasive distraction. He says that Alcohol and drugs cloud the mind, but in the past he used to be a user of both. Marijuana especially and dabbling in others. (Largely party drugs)

Psychiatric Screening

Please describe, to the best of your ability, your emotional and mental state of wellbeing:
Mr. Ward is a deeply confused individual. He has been living with a small pocket of people in a kind of make-shift commune outside of Chrisholm, MN and McCarthy Beach State Park. They are all deep believers in the idea of Reptoids or Reptilians. The conspiracy theory being that a race of reptile-like extraterrestrials from the Alpha Draconis star system are living on earth disguised as regular humans, holding many major seats of power and living among common human beings.

Have you been diagnosed with any psychiatric or psychological ailments? Please list any diagnoses below, and the treatments or medications prescribed to you. Please include name of medications, dosage, and number of doses per day:
He is deeply paranoid and completely ingrained in his beliefs. Though it should be noted that there are seemingly no hallucinations involved in this deluded idea. He says he's never seen one himself, citing their shape-shifting abilities. I have diagnosed him with both Paranoid Personality Disorder and Schizotypal Personality Disorder. Right now our therapy is strictly spoken as I am looking to have him transferred to a facility better suited to handle his case.

Have you ever been hospitalised or referred to regular outpatient care due to these ailments or associated incidents? If so, please note where, and at roughly what age:
Mr. Ward is currently being housed at a group home in Hibbing for the past year (age: 26). However with his constant escape attempts and the general chaos (screaming at and physically confronting other residents, property damage, ect.) his condition has brought to the home means that he cannot stay much longer.

How have these ailments affected you and your life? Are there any major life instances you feel have been directly affected by these ailments, such as suicide attempts, criminal activities, etc?:
His fellow members of the commune where arrested in a raid. Copious numbers of illegal and restricted firearms where uncovered as well as supplies for bomb-making and survival. All of the detainees have whole heartedly stated the it was all for protection and defence against the reptoids, as was their decision to reside in such an isolated location. Mr. Ward himself was not charged as the police chose to focus on the family leading the commune as well as the two members with out standing warrants.

What is your social life like? Do you have many friends or relationships? How are your family relationships?:
Outside of the members of the commune and a few people at the group home, Mr. Ward has a limited social life. His fellow commune members include the leader Dale, his wife Margaret and their son Denis, Jack, Spencer, John and Deanna. (the last two listed died during the raid)

In the group home there's an older man named Mack who suffers from violent outbursts and a young woman named Cally who is mildly autistic and a number of phobias. They along with myself are the only people outside of the commune that Zachary considers safe and without a doubt fully human.

I've had to cut off his internet access. He frequents many conspiracy websites and his condition seems to spike when he's exposed to the message boards.

Do you believe your life circumstances have contributed to any ailments? If so, what circumstances, and why do you feel they have contributed?:
When Zachary was apprehended it took a while for us to find his legal name. He would only tell us “Zach”. Once we finally got his full name we did find that there were records from the state of Wyoming detailing a short stay in foster care between the ages of ten and eleven. There were allegations of child abuse in the home (by the father) but nothing was proven. The four children were removed only to be returned within the year.

When asked about the incident Zach usually responds with paranoia and begins shouting about us checking up on him. He has never responded to this line of questioning.

If you could change one past event that has happened to you, what would it be, and why?:
“I would have opened my eyes to the truth far earlier. We're surrounded but everyone and their fuckin' dog is blind to it.” was Zach's response. He then began to detail the “Facts” that prove the reptilian conspiracy.

Do you wish to rehabilitate from your ailment(s)? If so, how do you feel this would best be accomplished?:
Mr. Ward is a young man, far too young to see his life thrown away to this ridiculous belief set. I believe he could really accomplish something with his life if he learned to overcome this and embrace society. As it stands now, there is a definate reason to fear him being a danger to the public if left to his own devices.

Environmental History

Where did you grow up? Please list the location(s) and describe what it was like growing up there:
Zachary is extremely closed off regarding his past. I've gathered that he lived at least part of his life (his childhood) in Gillette, Wyoming but I believe he moved around a lot before ending up in the commune It would have really taken a unique set of circumstances to get him living someplace so remote. He seems to indicate he left home as young as sixteen and was on his own for sometime.

What was your family life like? Did you spend much time with your parents? Do you have any siblings? If so, what are your relationships like?:
The abuse allegations are deeply concerning, but honestly information about it is sparse. The case was weakly persued but out of little fault of the social workers. There was simply nothing to go on and the children offered nothing. Zach's three siblings are Marissa (30), Julia (26), and Ewan (23). He has no relationships with any of them, hasn't for years. (Likely since he left home) Though he has said his friend Cally reminds him of Julia.

In our efforts to transfer Zachary elsewhere we did manage to find Julia's whereabouts. She is currently living in West Virginia and asked that we try to have him housed in her state. We hoPe that face to face contact with her may help Zachary to reconnect with reality.

What was school like? Did you have any problems? Did you enjoy school? What were your grades like?:
Zach seems to have been struggled in school, but generally stayed afloat in the classes he liked: history and science

Did you engage in any extracurricular activities, such as academic, artistic, or sporting clubs?:
He was on a soccer team in high school. He once told me he was nearly removed for a bad grade in english. Then he had to quit the team when he injured himself. He has hinted that he used to practice all the time. As much as he could. I am inclined to think he used it as an excuse to stay out of the home.

What was work like? Did you have any problems? Did you enjoy your work? What were your coworker relationships like?:
Zach seems to have mostly worked odd jobs throughout the years. Just short term stints before moving on. He has said he's worked as a dishwasher and construction clean up in the past though I'm sure he'd done various bits of manual labour.

Have you ever been convicted of a crime or misdemeanour? If yes, please explain, list conviction, and list any sentences associated with convictions:
As stated above, Zach's fellow commune members were arrested for several counts of possession of restricted firearms. He was one of the few not charged. At Denis's sentencing Mr. Ward had a large outburst that led to his hospitalization and eventual transfer to our group home.

Lastly, please tell us about yourself. How do you feel about yourself and what you have done with your life? If you have committed crimes, how do you feel about those now? What are your hopes for the future?:
Zach doesn't have hopes for the future so much as fears. Since his detainment and hospitalization Zach seems to feel that the reptoids are closing in on him, keeping him on watch. He feels time is running out and that the “enemy” are now controlling the police, the prison systems, the medical feild as well as the government he was originally fearing for. Zach sees a future in which humans are cattle for a species of blood-drinking ten foot tall lizard aliens. Obviously he's terrified, and obviously he needs a kind of specialized care that we cannot offer here.

Out of Character Section

What are they not telling us? What secrets do they have to hide? What back story are we not hearing? This is where you can tell us all the things your character wouldn't put on an application, or others don't know.:
So yes, obviously Zach's childhood is the biggest grey area here. He was abused, yes, but it was almost entirely emotional. His mother was barely present and his father was constantly tearing the children down. During the worst times of their father's unstable behaviour he was briefly physically abusive, but went back to strictly verbal when his job situation calmed down again. The threat of being laid off his job in a powerplant was something he took out on the kids.

Once he'd left and begun bouncing around the midwest he eventually met Denis, the son of the communes future leaders. It became the strongest friendship he'd ever had and as Denis's beliefs came out Zach found himself intrigued and then slowly but surely, entirely engulfed. It wasn't long before Zach was even more adament than the guy who brought him to the information. And Zach was the one who encouraged them to move to Alaska with Denis's parents. Something in him was fulfilled in all this. The conspiracy, the commune, the being special... somehow.

Your Nickname: Kels
Your Chatango Screen Name: KelseyLynnn
Your Character's Playby: Donald Glover

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PostSubject: Re: Zachary Ward   Zachary Ward EmptyWed Jul 04, 2012 11:54 pm


This application is currently pending. Below, you'll find the reasons for this pending notice. If you wish to continue the application process, please follow the points laid out below by a member of Hallowsgate's staff.

  • Zach is almost ready for Hallowsgate but he needs a bit of tweaking before he can jump into the madness. I'm a little fuzzy on the raid and his resulting arrest. Details on this will be important because the line between insanity and gen. pop. are pretty thin. If the police had enough probable cause to raid the commune then they had to have posed a serious threat. If such is the case the charges would probably also include terrorism or treason. Police don't kick in doors unless they are convinced threats are real and that these people mean to do serious harm. It doesn't matter if it's Reptilians or religion, those arrested would go to prison. Zack's involvement would have to be pretty fringe in order to not spend the next couple years sitting in a cell. I recommend rethinking the compound, its plan, and what it was being investigated for.
  • I recommend reading up on Alaska's, or whichever state's, gun laws as they differ and will effect any sentencing. National offenses, which include machine guns and sawed off shot guns, run a max of 10 years per count. If Zach is convicted federally on these charges he wouldn't be in an institution.
  • The last little bullet here is location. I don't understand why he would be shipped to the other end of the country rather than the countless facilities in between. I recommend either bringing him a little closer to Hallowsgate or giving him some reason to be transferred this far, like family in the area.


Please reply to this thread once you have edited your application, to let us know, and a member of Hallowsgate's staff will review your application again at our next possible convenience.

This app was reviewed by: Nebby, Ghost, Space, and Lindi.
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Zachary Ward

Zachary Ward

Posts : 35
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Join date : 2012-07-04
Age : 34

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PostSubject: Re: Zachary Ward   Zachary Ward EmptyThu Jul 05, 2012 2:09 pm

Okay! I moved him to Minnesota where the gun laws are much more strict and threw in a few commune members with out standing warrants to give the more reason to raid the place. No charges have been filed on Zach himself because he has a clean record and they had bigger fish to fry.

And I had his sister reappear in WV to give them more reason to send him to the state.


Zachary Ward ZachBanner
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Posts : 114
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PostSubject: Re: Zachary Ward   Zachary Ward EmptyFri Jul 06, 2012 6:55 pm

Zachary Ward Approvedk


    DIAGNOSIS(ES): Paranoid Personality Disorder, Schizotypal Personality Disorder.
    WARD: Male
    THERAPIST: Dr. Bernard Hughes



Before you begin play, you must complete the few steps listed below:

  • Sign up for the Hallowsgate Patient membergroup HERE.
  • Sign up for the who plays who list HERE.
  • Sign up your play-by on the face claim HERE.

Don't forget to familiarise yourself with the pertinent patient handbooks and other in character information that you'll need to reference for play, and have fun!

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PostSubject: Re: Zachary Ward   Zachary Ward EmptySun Jul 08, 2012 3:10 am


    Date: 09/07/2012
    Attending: Dr. Bernard Hughes
    Session With: Dr. Sean Whelan
    Session: Group Therapy

Therapy Notes: Today's group therapy was an drawing activity. I started the patients off with bright colors, giving them each their own set. My goal for this session was to see what they would do if only given "happy" crayons. After they'd been drawing for a while I asked them to share what they'd drawn and then I introduced more colors. The second set were the dark colors; black, brown, and various earth or jewel tones. What I wanted to see now was how the addition of the darker colors effected what the patients drew. They had the option to start a new picture or to add on to the first one.

Zach entered the session and took his seat, sitting beside Malachi, and was one of the three to give his name. He seemed to be tense through the session, perhaps a bit restless, but never acted out or lashed out. He seemed to be feeding off of Malachi's fears and when he moved to the back of the room Zach calmed down. He began drawing quietly, seeming focused on the task before him. When I opened up the discussion about the drawings Zach offered to first, saying that he'd drown the ocean with one fish. When I asked why only one he said that he hadn't had time to draw any more and then picked up another crayon.

When the darker colors were added he seemed to enjoy this and began adding to his ocean scene. Because of the tense situation with Malachi in the back of the room I decided to call the session then. Because Zach had shown to respond to earlier outburst I wanted to break the group up before it happened again. Zach left with the others without incident.

Additional: Because Zach seemed to respond to the fears of others I believe keeping and eye on who he associated with will be important. Unlike the others, his interactions only see to rile him up rather than calm him down. He should be prohibited from being around patients prone to sudden outbursts of anger or mania.

Follow-Up: Because he's new to Hallowsgate I recommend he receive a therapy session to establish where he is mentally before proceeding with any treatments.

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Dr. Josefina Lim

Dr. Josefina Lim

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PostSubject: Re: Zachary Ward   Zachary Ward EmptyTue Aug 07, 2012 12:40 am


    Date: 09/07/2012
    Attending: Dr. James Heatherton
    Exam With: Dr. Josefina Lim
    Exam Type: Emergency

Exam Notes: Zachary was brought in by an orderly about an hour and a half after arriving at Hallowsgate. It seems that in an effort to remove his ID bracelet he managed to tear out one of his teeth (1st bicuspid on the upper left). I re-impanted the tooth with no issues once it was cleaned (it had been lying on the floor upon the orderlies arrival). I kept him in the medical wing to hold it in place with a tea bag until his later group therapy session.

Additional Notes: Although he didn't seek medical attention himself, Mr. Ward was happy to have his tooth back in place and was compliant with his treatment. However he did repeatedly insist on having his ID bracelet removed. He continually insisted that it was "harvesting his skin cells for research" as well as tracking him to some ends. Any assurance that the ID bracelet was just that, a plastic identifier, fell on deaf ears.

Follow-Up: Mr. Ward's tooth is doing fine with no sign of infection or rejection. Thankfully it wasn't overly handled or out of his gums too long. He does however show continued signs of trying to remove his ID bracelet. The plastic has been damaged (bitten into, scraped, ect.) and the skin beneath it looks agitated, even raw in spots. Though he seems to have stopped trying to remove it directly in the presence of staff members.


Zachary Ward BFjkY
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Zoya Ilyushin

Zoya Ilyushin

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PostSubject: Re: Zachary Ward   Zachary Ward EmptyWed Dec 12, 2012 2:41 pm


    Patient(s) Involved: Jonah Gallagher, Zachary Ward
    Responding Staff: Officer Zoya Ilyushin, Officer Dominic Santos

Incident Notes: Mr. Gallagher and Mr. Ward got involved in a physical altercation in their dormitory (Acute 6). Both men were beyond reason; from statements made during the fight, however, it is probable that Mr. Gallagher caught Mr. Ward rummaging in his possessions. By the time security arrived, both men were screaming that they intended to kill the other. Officer Santos arrived and aided Officer Ilyushin in separating the two men. Mr. Ward was taken to the hospital wing for treatment of his injuries; Mr. Gallagher was taken to Isolation, where medical staff was summoned to treat his injuries as well.

Additional: Mr. Ward insisted that Mr. Gallagher was "one of them" and that he, Mr. Ward, had to kill Mr. Gallagher "before he takes the information back." It is evident that Mr. Ward believes that Mr. Gallagher is one of the "Reptoids" that he believes to have invaded the planet. While his own injuries were severe (he sustained a head wound), he did manage to kick Mr. Gallagher hard enough to damage his ankle.

Upon returning to the security office, I went through the archives of the Hallowsgate IM Network looking for any clues to either man's activities and found an IM conversation between Mr. Ward, Moira Hanley, and Dalia Blyth wherein Mr. Ward was urging his fellow patients to be "on guard" against the "invaders." This discussion, despite its volatility, was not flagged by security. A transcript has been attached to this report.

Follow-Up: Mr. Gallagher and Mr. Ward should not be permitted to room with one another. At least one of them should be remitted to a room of his own.

Additionally, Mr. Ward should meet with his therapist as soon as possible to discuss his fears about the "Reptoids" and why he believes Mr. Gallagher to be among them. It concerns me somewhat that he has been at the facility for more than two months and has only been in one recorded therapy session, and that a group session.

Based on the IM conversation mentioned previously, Mr. Ward's network privileges have been revoked until his therapist clears him to use the network again. Additionally, the security guard who was supposed to be watching the IM conversations at the time this conversation took place (09/28/2012 at 1:07 P.M.) has been reprimanded.

The IM conversation


Zachary Ward 2irayy0
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PostSubject: Re: Zachary Ward   Zachary Ward Empty

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Zachary Ward
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