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 Mystical Land

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Meggie G

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PostSubject: Mystical Land   Mystical Land EmptySat Mar 23, 2013 4:01 am


Three thousand years ago the race of Elves came to Mystical Land and started to build their city. The completion of their city took them one hundred years and when they finished they deiced to call the city Essancee, a hundred years they lived in peace with one another then one day the werewolves and vampire arrived to the land.

The Elves, werewolves and vampires tried to get along with one another but in the end they wouldn't and it sparked a war that lasted for fiffty years. There were many lost in all sides the werewolf though did all they could to kill the vampires after one of them sneaked into the werewolf camp and killed the young prince. In time the fighting stopped when a werewolf fell in love with a elf and they understood that there had to be peace for the sake of the children.

All races signed a peace treaty and together they started to build their cities. The first city they built was Scythae and they gave it to the vampires to live in, then they went on to build Durus and gave that to the werewolves. For eight hundred years they all lived in peace and even though there were those who would fight against the peace they kept going together and would have parties together and no nothing but happiest and peace. Then one day it all changed when the humans, faries, Centaurs, witches and wizards came.

For the first thirty years the vampires would attack the new races and use them for food while the werewolves would try and turn them. It took the elves many years to get the peace back to where it was but they knew it would not be easy. When there was an attack they deal with it right away before the humans would try and kill the vampires. The elves hid them selves away in their city and stayed away from the humans and the fairies did the same they built a hidden city and barely showed them selves.

After hundred years after the new arrives came things went back to the way they were and there were barely any attacks. Its now three thousand years later and all the races are growing but there have been a few people who rebel but they aren't taken seriously because they posed no treat to the peace. The elves and the fairies still remain hiding to but a few people but always keeps an eye on things. But things have started to get worse the rebels are also growing and their have been rumors of a future fight coming.
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Mystical Land
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