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 Jude Rose

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Jude Rose

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PostSubject: Jude Rose   Jude Rose EmptySun Jan 27, 2013 11:34 pm

Jude Rose Appgz

Rose, Jude

Jude Rose Pbucket

      D.O.B: 23/12/1965
      AGE: 47
      GENDER: M
      STREET ADDRESS: 783 Wicksham Court
      TOWN/CITY: Charleston
      STATE: West Virginia
      HEIGHT: 6'1"
      WEIGHT: 245
      ETHNICITY: Caucasian
      DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Couple scars on my chest from girls who fought back, but nothing too serious.

Medical History

Do you have any ongoing medical issues for which you require treatment or medication?:


Are you aware of any allergies? If so, please list allergy, age of onset and any medications or treatments you require or recieve:

No allergies.

Have you had any surgeries or invasive procedures in the past? If yes, please list reason and approximate age of procedure:

I had my tonsils out when I was six.

Do you take any medications or supplements daily? Do you follow any treatment plans? Please list medications or treatments, and reasons below:

Nah. Chemical castration isn't the norm in West Virginia. Yet.

Do you use tobacco, consume alcohol, or use any other drugs including street drugs and/or prescription medications not prescribed to you? If yes, please list number of packs a day, number of drinks a day, and/or drugs consumed below:

I like to have a good time, sure. Usually just one or two beers--I don't like being too drunk to perform. I am a chain-smoker, no lying about that. And, okay, I do a little pot from time to time--for recreational purposes--but never more than a joint a week, tops.

Psychiatric Screening

Please describe, to the best of your ability, your emotional and mental state of wellbeing:

Fan-fucking-tastic. I think I'm just fine. It's everyone else who has a problem.

Have you been diagnosed with any psychiatric or psychological ailments? Please list any diagnoses below, and the treatments or medications prescribed to you. Please include name of medications, dosage, and number of doses per day:

I was diagnosed with--now let me make sure I'm spelling this right--biastophilia when I first started seeing Dr. Spinolli. After a couple sessions, he added sexual sadism to the diagnosis. Not sure which one's primary. I have to see him twice a week, plus go to group therapy, but I'm not on any medication. Like I said, chemical castration isn't something they do here in West Virginia.

Have you ever been hospitalised or referred to regular outpatient care due to these ailments or associated incidents? If so, please note where, and at roughly what age:

Repeat. I see Spinolli twice a week and go to group therapy on Wednesdays. And don't think that doesn't get my goat. I went to see him 'cause of what was going on with Robert, he somehow turned the conversation around to me and what I like to do with girls--and guys, come to think of it. Actually, I like guys a little better. Anyway, Spinolli gets me to tell him about my activities, next thing I know I'm getting more psychiatric care than Charles Manson and Ted Bundy combined.

How have these ailments affected you and your life? Are there any major life instances you feel have been directly affected by these ailments, such as suicide attempts, criminal activities, etc?:

"Criminal activities?" Excuse me while I laugh myself sick. Do you know what biastophilia is? It means I get my rocks off by rape. Either consentual rape fantasies or actual rape. Mostly the fantasies, I'll admit, but I do have one conviction on my record.

What is your social life like? Do you have many friends or relationships? How are your family relationships?:

I still talk with a few of my frat brothers, but not many--most of 'em threw me over when I went to jail. As for family, my wife and I are divorced. She caught me in bed with a guy (well, "in bed" is kind of a misnomer--I had him pinned to the wall of the basement), threw a hair dryer at me, packed up the kids, and left. I had visitation with the kids, of course, up until about five months ago, when Mariah, my little girl, came to me with tears in her eyes and told me Robert, her older brother, had been raping her. My wife blamed me, saying that if I'd taken better care of them, this wouldn't have happened. The fact that it had been going on since the divorce, and I was the only one Mariah trusted to tell, never occurred to her. Anyway, Mariah and I write once in a while, in secret (her mother doesn't approve), but Laura and I don't talk. Neither do Robert and I. My kid sister writes once in a blue moon. My folks are dead, so're two of my brothers. One brother's in prison and not allowed to write too often, and the other's a politician and too embarrassed to admit he has any brothers.

Do you believe your life circumstances have contributed to any ailments? If so, what circumstances, and why do you feel they have contributed?:

Can't blame anyone else for this, I don't think.

If you could change one past event that has happened to you, what would it be, and why?:

I would have fought my wife harder over custody. I'd have kept Mariah while she kept Robert--he was always a mama's boy--and then my little girl wouldn't have been hurt. Failing that, I wish I'd realized what Robert was doing sooner. I'd have broken his head in and gone to prison for murder before I'd have let him hurt Mariah.

Do you wish to rehabilitate from your ailment(s)? If so, how do you feel this would best be accomplished?:

I really don't care, honestly, but Spinolli thinks I need to be institutionalized. Says he can't help me anymore. So...well, trust the experts and all that.

Environmental History

Where did you grow up? Please list the location(s) and describe what it was like growing up there:

Grew up right here in Charleston. It was all right. Pretty typical for a boy in the '60s and '70s. Lost my virginity at homecoming my freshman year in high school, little Irish girl named Kathleen. Went to West Virginia University, came home, got a job, went to jail, got another job. Nothing particularly exciting.

What was your family life like? Did you spend much time with your parents? Do you have any siblings? If so, what are your relationships like?:

My dad was always working, Mom was a housewife. I think Dad was a traveling salesman, a la Arthur Miller. Don't really remember. Just remember he was hardly ever home. Died of a heart attack while I was in prison. Mom died of cancer around the time Mariah was born. I had four brothers, all older, and a kid sister. We got along all right. Lotta roughhousing, lotta wrestling, that kind of thing.

We don't talk anymore. John, the oldest, he's in prison for armed robbery or something out in California, been in and out since he moved out there thirty years ago. Paul's in DC, he works for the government, and he's embarrassed by us. George joined a cult, forget which one, and died back in '82 in one of those mass suicide deals. Ringo (Mom always swore it was a coincidence that the older three shared names with the Beatles, but Ringo was born in '64, so it wasn't a coincidence with him) disappeared at sea sometime in the early '90s. And Lucy, my kid sister? She's living in Montana. My ex and Mariah are living with her now. She helps Mariah smuggle notes out to me.

What was school like? Did you have any problems? Did you enjoy school? What were your grades like?:

Did all right, I suppose. I was an average student, all the way up through college. Few disciplinary problems in college, but heck, I was a frat boy. Back then, that was the kind of stuff we did. Hazing and all that jazz. Pledges would put up with a lot to belong. Guess that's kinda where I got a taste for rough play, really. Sure when I discovered I was AC/DC.

Did you engage in any extracurricular activities, such as academic, artistic, or sporting clubs?:

Like I said, I was in a fraternity in college, Phi Kappa Tau. I was president for a while. That was it, though. PKT was my life in college, and in high school, I had other things to do.

What was work like? Did you have any problems? Did you enjoy your work? What were your coworker relationships like?:

It put a roof over my head and paid my bills, that was about all you could say for it. I got a degree in journalism and went to work for the daily newspaper in Charleston. Sportswriting. Covered all the college games. It was really boring work. Did that for eighteen months. Then I made a dumb decision (more on that in a second) and wound up in jail. When I got out, I took a job as a bartender for one of the seedier joints. That's where I met my wife. Again, it paid the bills and put a roof over our heads.

Have you ever been convicted of a crime or misdemeanour? If yes, please explain, list conviction, and list any sentences associated with convictions:

Rape in the second degree. Cheerleader at one of the WVU games I was covering caught my eye. I invited her up to my hotel room for a "private interview", we had a beer or two, and I raped her. Can't really remember the details--too many years, too many other "trysts" since then. Anyway, she went to the police. I copped to it--I'm not shy about what I like, someone asks me did I fuck a girl without her consent I'll say yes--and got sentenced to the minimum, ten years. Got three years off for "good behavior," which really just means that the guys I went after in prison never complained and we never got caught, and was out in seven. I was thirty then.

Lastly, please tell us about yourself. How do you feel about yourself and what you have done with your life? If you have committed crimes, how do you feel about those now? What are your hopes for the future?:

To be honest, I don't care. Like I said, most of the people I "raped", it was just for show--a staged thing. I like it when they fight, and I like a bit of rough and tumble. One or two (or three or four or...) changed their minds after we'd got going, and okay, maybe there were a couple who never said "yes" to begin with, but really? Not my fault I'm the way I am.

Hopes for the future? All I really want is to get out of here and see my little girl again. I'll play remorse to the goddamned hilt if it'll let me see Mariah.

Out of Character Section

What are they not telling us? What secrets do they have to hide? What back story are we not hearing? This is where you can tell us all the things your character wouldn't put on an application, or others don't know.:

For the most part, Jude has been honest. He only has the one conviction; although at least one girl who left scars on his chest (from fingernails, not from a knife) did at first call the police, she later revised her story and dropped the charges, afraid to admit she had initially agreed and confused as to whether or not she had really said "no" or just imagined it. However, there is one important part of the story he left out.


He would never have actually bruised or otherwise hurt his little girl. But his wife grew tired of his rough play and shut him out of the bedroom. When, at work, he had a physical altercation with a drunken patron, he would often come home with a hard-on, painfully frustrated. Mariah, who loved her daddy dearly, hated seeing him come home angry and asked him one night when she was six years old if there was anything she could do to make him feel better.

He taught her to give hand jobs. When she was ten, he taught her to give blow jobs. There was never anything (in his mind) sexual about what they were doing; he wasn't aroused by his daughter or otherwise attracted to her. She had volunteered to help him, and he saw nothing wrong with letting her. It is a secret both of them have never told.

Your Nickname: Bre
Your Chatango Screen Name: BreS13
Your Character's Playby: Robert Hays
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PostSubject: Re: Jude Rose   Jude Rose EmptyFri Feb 01, 2013 3:03 am


This application is currently pending. Below, you'll find the reasons for this pending notice. If you wish to continue the application process, please follow the points laid out below by a member of Hallowsgate's staff.

  • Thank you for apping Jude! Sorry it's taken us so long to get back to you, but we were blow off course by the event (I made a funny) but this will be a short pend. So we'll get right to it and not waste any more time! : )
  • I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask that Jude's molestation of Mariah be removed from the application, as pedophilia is not on our accepted issues list. He's been diagnosed with the rape paraphilia and sexual sadism, but it would still be separate diagnosis if his targets were children, especially as young as Mariah was when the abuse started. He would not sudden take a shine to his own daughter, enough to teach her how to pleasure him, out of the blue and then move on back to college age women
  • Jude is showing some antisocial personality tendencies, and it's a little unclear if that is your goal. He shows no remorse for his legitimate victims, even boasts about being with girls who didn't consent. If you could clarify if you intend for him to have these tendencies or not, or if this is all for show somehow, that would be great : )


Please reply to this thread once you have edited your application, to let us know, and a member of Hallowsgate's staff will review your application again at our next possible convenience.

This app was reviewed by: Nebby and Ghost.
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Posts : 114
RP Reward Points : 14
Join date : 2011-07-14
Age : 33

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PostSubject: Re: Jude Rose   Jude Rose EmptyFri Feb 08, 2013 12:17 pm

This application has been dormant for 8 Days.
Please respond to the last pend within 24 hours. Failure
to respond will result in this application being marked as
inactive, and it will be archived.

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Jude Rose
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