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 Crossed Wires - Cbox Etiquette and Clarification

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Crossed Wires - Cbox Etiquette and Clarification Empty
PostSubject: Crossed Wires - Cbox Etiquette and Clarification   Crossed Wires - Cbox Etiquette and Clarification EmptyTue Dec 04, 2012 2:07 am

    In the interest of keeping our newer members and prospective members up to date -and reminding our older players of the cbox rules- this is a quick announcement to familiarise everyone with the standard cbox guidelines, expected behaviours, and goals for Hallowsgate and the cbox specifically. Please take the time to read this announcement and internalise the points we bring up.

  • Sass: As we get to know each other better, and understand the humour of our fellow players, it can be easy for us to forget how our behaviour may appear to newer members and guests. What we think is sarcastic humour may not translate that way to people who do not know us as well. Be sure to cut back on abrasive commentary and scathing sarcasm, and use common sense and compassion in talking to others.
  • Language: As present players will know, we use profanity in the cbox. However, this can be overdone. Please try to regulate your language and not overuse unnecessary profanity, particularly stronger words like the C word. Homophobic or racist language of ANY kind is, as always, strictly prohibited.
  • Content: Please keep explicit adult content out of the chatbox. This includes graphic adult language/descriptors, as well as images etc. Essentially use common sense, and be aware that we may have guests lurking at any time, some of whom may be under age.
  • Cliquism: If you don't know what this is, cliquisim (which I totally just made up as a word) is forming groups within our group, that make other people feel excluded from conversations or play. It's too easy for a lot of us to do this from time to time. We should all remember to be more inclusive of everyone present in the cbox.
  • Spamming: As you know, we have a general guideline of three posts in a row maximum. This is not a rule set in stone, but it's a good sort of guide to go by. You won't be penalised for going over three posts in a row, however.
  • Bullying: Don't do it, period. This is pretty straight forward. Sometimes the lines between joking and bullying can be a bit wishy washy. If you're not sure, or you feel uncomfortable from something someone has said, speak up about it. We should all be friends here.

What the Cbox Is and Isn't:
  • The cbox is:
    • A place for our members to get together and have fun chatting about anything appropriate, and about the game.
    • A place where all of our members should feel welcome and included.
    • A place where we can canvas for threads or for participants in a live group RP activity.
    • Non-serious fun, talking with people we call friends.

  • The cbox is not:
    • A place to catch up on private chit-chat with only a small and exclusive group of friends. Take private banter to IMs please.
    • A place to make fun of other players, or nitpick them or their writing.
    • A place for real, in character RP. ANY character banter in the cbox is NOT to be taken seriously. It is not considered canon, and anything said in the OOC cbox may not be used ICly unless permission is given by that player. Any character interactions or promises made in the cbox are not a given. I repeat, any character interactions in the cbox are not canon and should not be taken seriously and expected to happen ICly.
    • A place to mouth off and be snarky beyond reason. Refer to points concerning sass and language.
    • A place to consistently air dirty laundry/complain about personal issues beyond reasonable griping-about-your-day bounds.
    • A public chatbox for non-forum members. Those using the cbox must apply for a character within a reasonable time frame, or refrain from using the cbox.

Our Community Goals:
  • To provide a setting and structure for roleplayers who are interested both in our dark asylum theme, and in the actual art of writing and putting forth effort for character creation, research, development, and plotting. Members who would rather cut corners and are in it for quick fix cheap thrills need not apply basically. We love reading and writing, and we hope that all of our members do too!
  • To provide a semi-realistic psychiatric game experience. (Minus the ghosts and ghouls of course!) Staff have worked pretty hard for a number of years to iron out the details of establishing a roleplaying game that is both as close to reality as it can be, while still being fun and allowing for artistic license and character freedom.
  • To provide a comfortable haven from the real world. We all know life sucks, and frequently. Hallowsgate is an escape from reality. As such, everyone should feel welcome and comfortable. It should not be stressful to come online to roleplay. That is not fun for anyone.
  • To maintain a reputation for fairness, maturity, and diplomacy. Do people occasionally piss us off? Yes, certainly. But we should all maintain these things when dealing with negative situations. We come out the other side looking better, and maintaining our good reputation, if we do not lower ourselves to the level of trolls or drama llamas. Be kind but assertive, even if you daydream about pushing someone down a well.

In summary, we want Hallowsgate to be a fun place to be, somewhere where we can relax and feel as if we are around friends. We don't want drama or upset feelings, conflicts, and negativity. We all want to feel included, and we should work to not exclude others. We have a great family of roleplayers on this site, and I'm confident that we can maintain this drama-free closeness and sense of community and that we can project that ideal on to new members if we are all careful to remember how we may appear to outsiders. Thank you for reading this blurb.

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Crossed Wires - Cbox Etiquette and Clarification
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