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 Fallout 66 -- fallout | post-apoc

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Fallout 66 -- fallout | post-apoc Empty
PostSubject: Fallout 66 -- fallout | post-apoc   Fallout 66 -- fallout | post-apoc EmptyMon Oct 29, 2012 10:50 pm

Fallout 66 -- fallout | post-apoc FO66banhd15

"War. War never changes.

With development of communities and establishment of territories throughout the wasteland, the demand for trade and expansion has become an increasing objective across the commonwealth wastes. The necessity of established travel from coast to coast has initiated many campaigns all across the irradiated expanse. Such a campaign has started under the Will Rogers Caravan Company. The company's objective: to unite the old 66 Mother Road as an unbroken and unchallenged caravan route, stretching from NCR controlled California to the Brotherhood of Steel controlled Chicago. If successful in their venture, eventually the company hopes to see a route stretch from the 66 to the east coast - accomplishing a complete coast-to-coast chain of travel and trade.

The campaign is not without it's trials, however. Along the midwestern stretch of the Mother Road gangs of raiders have converged into a single powerful faction commonly called the "Sixty-Sixers". They are notorious for their ability to spread out and cover wide stretches of the 66 - claiming much of the highway as theirs. As the Sixty-Sixer's numbers continue to swell and their reputation for violence spreads, word of the raiders spreads out to the independent, midwestern Brotherhood of Steel. Stationed around Chicago, the faction manages to maintain its territory and military growth. With the domineering soldiers in power armor sweeping closer west through Illinois, the raiders spreading further east towards the Mississippi, and the newest Will Rogers trade-stop establishing itself in St. Louis, the ever-increasing threat of conflict begins to loom.

Whether by chance or by fate, you find yourself at the Missouri Gateway - where your destiny has become twisted amidst the lives of those weaved below and beyond the Great Arch. Here is the beginnings of community and order within the blown out shell of ruined St. Louis, nestled along the banks of the long and winding Mississippi. Here is where more than fortunes are won... and lost."

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Fallout 66 -- fallout | post-apoc
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