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 Love, Etc.

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Love, Etc.  2lco9ag
OPEN NAME - 30s-40s - OPEN JOB - JUDE LAW (or Other)
    For the sake of the ad we're going to call him Jude so fear not, you do get to pick the name. In fact, much of this character is going to be up to player discretion. He needs to hit a few key points to be compatible with mine but otherwise he's golden. I'm not even 100% sold on Jude Law as a play by. If you've got another idea feel free to run it by me.

    After eight years in a failing relationship (see below) Amelia is looking for a man and I'm looking for a character. "Jude" is the newest addition to the Hallowsgate staff but his position is up to you. I see him in the doctor or psychiatric field and less on the facility side, but if he were the GED tutor that would work as well. Basically, no security or ground staff. I also see him having recently ended something long term, perhaps an engagement, and the remote institution was the better option instead of staying in the city. Jude should be classy, clean cut, but not so uptight that he can't kick off his dress shoes every once and a while had have fun. Maybe that was an issue in his last relationship, that either they thought he couldn't let loose enough or he thought his ex couldn’t. Regardless, Jude needs some kind of baggage. Amelia has a thing for it and is attracted to it, so whatever it is it should still weigh down on him some. It could be his failed relationship, a gambling problem, a drinking problem, or whatever. Whatever you go with, just run it by me and we should be good to go. I'd rather wait and see the character before details of a relationship go in.

    Back story is open as well. Since the site is set in West Virginia I recommend he be from the east coast but if you've got a way to work it that he came from farther away that's fine too. As long as there's a reason for him to move to middle of nowhere WV we're set.


Love, Etc.  2s8jnl0
    The aforementioned failing relationship is with Adriana Clarkson. She is a little more detailed that the future. The two women met during college at the University of West Virginia and started dating after graduation. They moved to Charleston where Amelia began working in a rehabilitation center. What Adriana studied in school is up to you but unfortunately she's never really been able to hold down a job. Since they met Adriana was always a bit of a wild one, loving drink and party. She never grew out of it and to this day she's an alcoholic and struggling with a diagnosis of Bipolar type II. When she's up she wants to party all night, when she's down she doesn't want to do anything but sit on the couch and drink until she passes out. Amelia stuck by Adriana through the ups, downs, and middles; wanting to see her get better. She pushed her to get the diagnosis a year or two ago but not much has changed. The good times kept her there, when Adriana and her would have a nice evening in or go up to the mountains for a weekend, and these times she will always cherish.

    Seven months ago Amelia caught Adriana in the early stages of hooking up with another woman in their apartment and it was the first step toward the decision to leave. The two fought over her drinking and going out and at the end of it all Adriana stormed out. She fell into a downward spiral after that. She lost her job and spent much of the time hopping between couches and beds of friends. Depending on her mood she would either call Amelia and beg to be taken back or show up and scream through the door that his was all Amelia's fault, that she was in this mess because of her. Two months ago Adriana was arrested for drunken disorderly and since she had become a frequent offender she was sentences to time in rehab: the same one Amelia worked in. Amelia could not take it. She worked there a short time before she upped and left without a word to Adriana.

    I'm thinking that because Adriana is in rehab and without her "medication" (alcohol) her bipolar ups and downs are worse which lead her to needed to be transferred to Hallwosgate. If you are interested in Adriana I would like to discuss more details so please PM me here or we can exchange instant messengers. I have YIM.
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Love, Etc.
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