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Hallowsgate Hospital,
1507 Slaughters Creek,
Cabin Creek, WV


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 Gennifer Matthews

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Gennifer Matthews

Gennifer Matthews

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PostSubject: Gennifer Matthews   Thu Dec 13, 2012 6:03 pm

Matthews, Gennifer

      D.O.B: 29/07/1987
      AGE: 25
      GENDER: F
      STREET ADDRESS: 4236 Arch Drive Apt. 26
      TOWN/CITY: Studio City
      STATE: California
      HEIGHT: 5’3
      WEIGHT: 195ish
      ETHNICITY: Caucasian
      DISTINGUISHING MARKS: I have a dark brown birthmark on the back of my neck in my hair line. It’s about the size of a quarter and in the shape of a star but is mainly covered by hair. I also have a tattoo of a mermaid on my bottom.

Employment Interview

Please list position(s) for which you are applying:

I am applying for the position of a Nurse at your hospital.

Please explain why you are applying for the position(s):

I need a job and a change of pace. California was wonderful and will always be home but I can’t stay there anymore. I need somewhere new.

Why do you feel you would be the best candidate for the position(s)?:

I love nursing, I have 2 years’ experience at a downtown Los Angeles hospital which gives me a strong background in crazy busy situations. I am still relatively new in nursing though compared to the older candiates, but none of them will bring the enthusiasm that I have. I just want to make people better.

Do you possess the necessary qualifications for the position(s) for which you are applying? If yes, please list them below: Yes I do. I have my BSN from Mount St. Mary’s College in Los Angeles. We did hands on study in several hospitals in the area including Mount Sinai. I have had experience in the psych holds as it was part of our studies.

What other qualifications or skills do you possess which you feel will aid your performance in the chosen position(s)?:

I have a slight touch of the sarcasm bug, so things roll off me pretty well. I don’t take comments the patients (or other staff for that matter)say personally. We’re all adults and should act like it, even though it is okay to have fun while doing it.

Have you worked in this type of position or facility before? If so, where and when?:

I did a lot of my training at Mount Sinai. We had rotations through the psych ward, but I did not exclusively work in an inpatient treatment facility.

Please describe your most recent employment experiences, including your positions and responsibilities there:

Most recently I was a nurse for the Urgent Care Clinic in Studio City. It was an early morning or after hours clinic where patients could come if they needed to been seen outside of medical office hours. I was there to take blood, general vitals, and other menial tasks. I did get punched in the face once by a man on PCP.

How do you think your previous education and employment experiences will aid your performance within the chosen position(s)?:

Being that I was exposed to such a wide variety of illnesses or issues I’ve got a little taste of everything. I have learned how to keep my cool in rough situations (like the gentleman on PCP) and to know that even though people aren’t well they are still people. My education has prepared me for working in the medical field because it is a degree in nursing.

Psychological Screening

Please describe yourself to the best of your ability, in only five words. ('And' will not count towards these.):

Unique, Colorful, Intelligent, Witty, and Caring.

What methods would you employ in order to relax during times of stress, and how effective do you think these have been in the past?:

I like to read to relax in my spare time, but on the job I have realized that taking a step back and looking at the situation from a different stand point can often cool down a heated issue. If need be you should always call for back up if you’re feeling that you cannot handle the situation alone.

Please list three traits about yourself that you consider negative, and three traits about yourself that you consider positive:

I make people laugh. Humor is the best way to defuse situations.
I am focused. I know what I want and I strive until I achieve it.
I don’t take people too seriously. Everyone has faults, but you can’t let that be the main thing you see.

I can be forgetful. I try to leave myself notes if it is something extremely important.
I hold grudges. If someone hurts me or someone I care about its hard to let go.
I sometimes get too involved into one project. If it is something I feel passionately about I will through my whole self into the project sometimes neglecting other obligations.

Describe one event in your life that you would change if you could, and why:

I would probably lose like 60lbs. Just because obviously I'm overweight and that makes it hard for people to take me serious in my line of work. They figure "If you can't keep yourself healthy, how can you fix me." However I choose to live my life this way and I am striving for a healthier lifestyle.

If a superior gave you a task to complete, to which you were wholly, morally opposed, what would you do?:

I would want to discuss the situation with my boss first to make sure I was clear on exactly what they wanted me to do. If I still had problems with it afterwards I would explain why and ask if there was a different solution to the problem.

If you caught a friend and co-worker stealing from your place of employment, breaking rules, and/or endangering the safety of others, what would you do?:

I would report them. A job is a job and you need to act professionally and respect your place of employment.

If your application for employment to Hallowsgate Hospital is approved, will you agree to sign a full non-disclosure agreement, knowing that you would be unable to talk about any treatments or the patients with anyone not also employed by Hallowsgate Hospital?:

Of course.

Environmental Screening

Where did you grow up, and what was it like there?:

I grew up in sunny southern California. It was fun, always seemed to have something going on and my parents and sister were wonderful. I had a great family and I couldn’t have asked for anything more. Mom was a cartoonist at Disney and dad was a cop.

What are/were your social interactions like? Do/did you have many friends and/or relationships?:

I had a fair amount of friends, mainly because I can take a joke and I don’t mind laughing at myself. My sister was super popular, head of the cheer team and all that jazz, so I just sort of road her coattails.

What prompted you to pursue the career path you are now following?:

I always enjoyed helping people and making them feel better. I knew that I wanted to do something where I could make a difference for someone and this was the best way to do it in my eyes.

Were you ever a member of the armed forces or of a law enforcement or security agency? If yes, please list rank and branch, or company name and location:


Do/Did you ever abuse controlled substances, including but not limited to alcohol, prescription medications, street drugs and tobacco?:

No, I might have a glass of wine after work some evenings but nothing near being a drunk.

Have you ever been convicted of a crime? If yes, please list conviction(s) and served sentence(s) below:


Out of Character Section

What are they not telling us? What secrets do they have to hide? What back story are we not hearing? This is where you can tell us all the things your character wouldn't put on an application, or others don't know.:

((Remember, if you put all their back story as a secret, we won't be able to admit them to Hallowsgate! This section is for secrets only, not the entire character history. We need most of the info in the main app so we can process it!))
Gennifer is just trying to get away from California where she walked in on her sister and her boyfriend hooking up in her bed. She has been pretty straight forward on her application being that she really doesn’t care what people think about her.

Your Nickname: Charity
Your Chatango Screen Name: ThisIsCharity
Your Character's Playby: Rebel Wilson
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PostSubject: Re: Gennifer Matthews   Sat Dec 15, 2012 1:02 am



    DEPARTMENT: Medical
    APARTMENT NUMBER: Rathen House Apt. 11



Before you begin play, you must complete the few steps listed below:

  • Sign up for the Hallowsgate Staff membergroup HERE.
  • Sign up for the who plays who list HERE.
  • Sign up your play-by on the face claim HERE.

Don't forget to familiarise yourself with the pertinent patient handbooks and other in character information that you'll need to reference for play, and have fun!
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Gennifer Matthews
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