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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Forum Rules EmptySat Jul 16, 2011 9:51 pm


  • Forumotion's TOS: Read them, and don't break them. This means keep it clean, don't peddle warez and cheat codes, keep profanity to an acceptable minimum, and just generally use common sense. If you have the goal of RPing more adult themes, take it to email or instant messages, and keep it off the board. That includes out of PMs.

  • IMPORTANT: Please do not register a forum account until you are ready to post your application in full. Due to current board troubles with a member who was banned and will not let the matter drop, we may delete your account if an application is not posted within a few hours of it being created, to protect our forum from trolls. So please wait to make an account until you've finished your application! We apologise for this inconvenience! If your account is accidentally deleted, don't take it personally, and feel free to contact an admin!

  • Respect: No flaming, bitching, griping or drama on the boards or in the chatbox, please. If you have a problem with someone or something, take it to private messages or contact an admin privately.

  • Warnings: If you break forum or gameplay rules, you will receive an official warning from the staff. You only get one warning. The next offence will result in a forum ban.

  • Content Rating: Though this board is intended for mature players, we must still abide by the terms of service set out by Forumotion, lest we jeopardise our forum. What this means is that any threads with adult content should adopt a fade-to-black policy. We cannot allow sexually explicit or pornographic content. Please be sure to read Forumotion's ToS.

  • Intermediate to Advanced, Literate Playing: Correct use of spelling and grammar in all posts is mandatory. No net/text speak IC. The minimum word count is 300 words per in character post unless otherwise stated. This does not include quoting chunks of the posts before yours.

  • Play-Bys: Please only use human celebrities. You may not use play-bys from Model Mayhem, Deviant Art, MySpace, etc. These people's images are not public domain, so using them is considered copyright infringement, AKA theft.

  • IC vs. OOC: Please keep all serious IC posts in IC forums. Likewise, please keep all OOC chatter to the OOC boards or chat box.

  • Read the Info: Before you begin an application, make sure you have read all of the required reading, and the application rules at the top of the app template thread.

  • Forum Accounts: When you create an account, please title it Firstname Lastname of your character. No middle names, fantasy names or nicknames, please. If you play a doctor, you may include "Dr." in the username.

  • Activity and Character Limits: We would like to see at least one IC post from each registered character per week. If you cannot manage this, consider trimming your characters down. Incidentally, you may only make up to five characters, unless you receive permission for each additional character from an admin.

  • Character Balance: Out of the five maximum characters, we ask that at least two of them be staff members. So if you have made three patients and wish to have another character, they must be a staff member, etc.

  • The Chatbox: Please be respectful in the chat box. Please do not flame or spam. Try to keep to a general rule of three messages in a row at most. Please only use English in the chat box. Do not advertise in the chat box.

  • Character Originality: We will not accept characters that are based on existing canons from other works of any kind (books, TV, movies, etc.), or characters that too closely resemble someone else's character on the forum. We also do not accept characters that are blatantly Mary-Sue. If you are unfamiliar with what this kind of a character is, we recommend looking it up. A Mary-Sue character may be a character that is exceptionally perfect, or unrealistically tortured. it may also be a character used for self-insertion and gratification. We're not saying you may not app a traumatised character, but as with all things on Hallowsgate, try to exercise realism in character creation.

  • Images: Avatars may be no more that 150px wide by 200px tall. Signature images may be no more than 275px tall by 550px wide. Please only use images of your playby for avatars and signatures. Meaning, please don't use unrelated artwork only, etc. Please do not use animated GIF images.

  • Post Templates: To put it simply, don't use them. If your writing is engaging and thoughtful enough, you don't need extra pictures, flashy fonts, and someone else's ripped off song lyrics.

  • Post Formatting: Please don't change your posting font to anything unreasonable and hard to read. Please don't use eye-searing colours in your posts. And please don't change your font size to something too large, or too small to comfortably read.

  • Application Process: Please post completed applications in the appropriate section. We do not accept work in progress (WIP). Remember, the admin team are pretty busy, so please do not pester them in the chatbox or anywhere else to look at your application as soon as it's up. Please be patient and allow up to 72 hours for us to review your app. Remember, we want to play too!

  • Application Strikes: You can have a total of three pends on your application before it will be automatically denied. We apologise for any inconvenience. (This does not mean you cannot make a new character though!)
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Forum Rules
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