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 IF, Reopen, No App

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HA Admin

PostSubject: IF, Reopen, No App   Thu Aug 23, 2012 7:34 pm


Dear Student,

We are pleased that you have the opportunity to become part of our family and community. Hawthorn Academy is a vibrant and time-honored institution dating back to 1803.

At Hawthorn Academy, we believe that all students are capable of learning at high levels and meeting the academic, civic and social standards. We are, therefore, committed to providing challenging, varied, and engaging opportunities for all of our students to learn in a community of respect and personal responsibility. Here, each student will endure rigorous class work, be offered opportunities to engage in community service, and be afforded opportunities that are surely not afforded to them anywhere else.

Come and participate in class trips, travel the world, all the while helping it and making a name for yourself.

The Hawthorn Academy Mission Statement reads:

From its proud history and rich tradition, Hawthorn Academy promotes a family-like partnership of students, staff, parents, and community. The Academy fosters a strong foundation for learning; provides comprehensive, rigorous academics; and nurtures personal growth, integrity, and respect for all.

Hawthorn Academy encompasses students' education with a variety of courses and co-curricular opportunities in music, visual arts, drama, technology, education, culinary and writing. On-line is a copy of the Program of Studies. In the booklet, it is stated, Hawthorn Academy is committed to the belief that all students are capable of attaining high levels of educational achievement in preparing for a productive and rewarding life and becoming a responsible citizen. We intend to help all students reach this goal. We believe that all students are capable of learning at superior levels and meeting the academic goal and social standards. We are, therefore, committed to providing challenging, varied and engaging courses for all of our students to learn.

We know that you will miss your families and that's why we have set up family days throughout the semester. Be reminded that on break you are allowed to go home but until then....


Headmaster Kellerman

Okay, okay enough with this Hawthorn Academy is a nice place for bonding and everybody gets along crap; it’s all bull plain and simple. Don’t be fooled by how seemingly innocent and charming this school looks from the outside; the professors seriously put up a good front and so do all the students for that matter. What goes on behind closed doors would shock most anyone. Sex, drugs, fights, rape…murder? We do things that would even make those kids from those Cruel Intentions movies blush; yeah anything could happen at our nice little private school.

Oh and I almost forgot to tell you, for the love of God do not die in this school or your soul will be trapped here forever. The school happens to be haunted but then what can you expect when it used to be an old mental hospital where not only where the patient were crazy but so were the doctors and nurses. And there was a crazy murder on the loose here like in the 90’s killing off the students and staff so yeah that’s fun. Beware not all the students walking the halls of HA are current students. Do you think you can make it threw a semester or all four years at Murder Academy?

B Duquese (Senior Class)

Hawthorn Academy Awaits
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IF, Reopen, No App
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