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Ramirez Garcia

Ramirez Garcia

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PostSubject: Ramirez Garcia   Ramirez Garcia EmptySun Aug 05, 2012 9:29 am

Ramirez Garcia Logoeyf

Garcia, Ramirez Diego

Ramirez Garcia 238nza
I, Doctor Franklin, will be helping Mr Garcia to fill out his application.

      D.O.B: 31/05/1991
      AGE: 21
      GENDER: M
      STREET ADDRESS: 442 Hawaii Avenue
      TOWN/CITY: Alamogordo
      STATE: New Mexico
      HEIGHT: 5'5
      WEIGHT: 143
      ETHNICITY: Korean
      DISTINGUISHING MARKS: A few scars here and there but everyone has those, right?

      Ramirez has Deliberately Self Harmed in the past. The scars from this are present still on his arms, especially from his last attempt when his medication was changed in Alberquerque hospital approximately 3 months ago.

Medical History

Do you have any ongoing medical issues for which you require treatment or medication?:

No, none.

Are you aware of any allergies? If so, please list allergy, age of onset and any medications or treatments you require or receive:

I have a dairy allergy. If I avoid it, I'm fine.

If Ramirez does have dairy though, he will be ill for several hours, if not days. He's had to miss therapy sessions for this in the past, so it is a consideration for the Hospital to bear in mind.

Have you had any surgeries or invasive procedures in the past? If yes, please list reason and approximate age of procedure:


Do you take any medications or supplements daily? Do you follow any treatment plans? Please list medications or treatments, and reasons below:

I take a tablet twice a day, and I have regular therapy.

Fluoxetine (Prozac) is given to Ramirez to help him with stress relief caused by his anxiety disorder. He takes 1 x 40mg tablet one per day. He also has therapy most days to help with this.

Do you use tobacco, consume alcohol, or use any other drugs including street drugs and/or prescription medications not prescribed to you? If yes, please list number of packs a day, number of drinks a day, and/or drugs consumed below:

No, I don't. I wouldn't use anything that reminded me of... Of... Him.

Ramirez' father was a substance abuser and became violent with it. This is who Ramirez is referring to here. He mostly drank, and in high volumes. This would result in outbursts often aimed at Ramirez. He has expressed that he was often held captive in his room, occasionally other rooms of the house, during these outbursts and used as a bouncing wall for his father's anger. I have yet to determine whether this was mostly just verbal or whether there was a physical attack as well. Ramirez explained, on the subject of his father, that he remembered there often being bags of things his father smoked left lying around, but they didn't smell like the cigarettes that the other parents in the playground smoked. They were stronger and had a worse effect on his father. I believe that he was therefore a drug user as well as an alcoholic, based on what Ramirez has told me.

Psychiatric Screening

Please describe, to the best of your ability, your emotional and mental state of wellbeing:

I'm not great, I've been hoping to feel better do years but I'm still not great. I've been having therapy for a while at a number of places, along with all the medications I've been on, and nothing's worked yet. That makes me feel like a failure, like nothing's ever going to make me feel better. I'd like to be like other people, you know, normal. And I feel inadequate for that right now. I've spent a lot of my life alone, and to be honest I like it this way. But it makes me lonely and sometimes I need human contact. I think everyone does.

Ramirez suffers greatly from a sense of hopelessness and despair. He goes through phases of being extremely negative and having a more neutral state of mind. He has a natural flair for drawing and has actively pursued this as an outlet for his emotions. When things are getting on top of him he will typically withdraw into himself more, choosing to isolate himself rather than talk about what he is experiencing. I have not had much success in getting Ramirez to open up about certain elements of his past. He has spoken about his father a few times and I believe that this is where a great proportion of his issues stem from, based upon what he has told me. However, I believe there are other underlying issues that he has yet to open up about.

Have you been diagnosed with any psychiatric or psychological ailments? Please list any diagnoses below, and the treatments or medications prescribed to you. Please include name of medications, dosage, and number of doses per day:

The doctors told me I've got Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or something. And because I've got that thing, it's made me have some other stuff too. I have therapy for it but that's all at the minute. I take Fluoxetine (Prozac) for it, 1 tablet a day normally. I think the dosage I'm on is 40mg, but you'd better check with my doctor. He knows these things. I just take whatever's thrown at me. It keeps the doctors off my back, at least. Even they don't like me. I guess I cause problems for them.

Ramirez was diagnosed with Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after showing many of the symptoms over an extended period of time. He was only officially diagnosed with having this condition a year or so ago and he has made slight improvement since then; he has been able to trust his physicians with some information in recent times which is more than he was able to do before. In recent months, he has spoken of his father's alcoholism and substance abuse which has enabled us to get a deeper insight into his childhood. His daily therapy should also be continued to help him open up about his childhood and the events since which he has yet to express. He takes 40mg a day of Fluoxetine (Prozac) orally, usually in the form of 1 tablet. He Deliberately Self Harms when he's alone, yet solitude is his preference. He has expressed that he would like to have friends but he finds it difficult to trust them. These issues make it nearly impossible for him to have any form of intimate relationship with anyone.

Have you ever been hospitalized or referred to regular outpatient care due to these ailments or associated incidents? If so, please note where, and at roughly what age:

I've been in hospital a few times, usually because I self harmed. That was typically in my local hospital in Alamogordo recently, 3 times in the last year, actually. On two previous occasions when I still lived with my dad and step-mom I was also hospitalized. It was a hospital near Boulder in Colorado I went to then, but I don't remember exactly where though. I wasn't exactly too interested then. I remember being in Alberquerque for something else though. What was that for? A medicine change, maybe?

Ramirez has been hospitalized for his own safety due to his Deliberate Self Harm. He was hospitalized last year for a couple of months when his medication was changed from Xanax to Fluoxetine (Prozac) and he was unpredictable for a few months. At that time, he was in a hospital in Alberquerque because he was going to be there for a considerable amount of time and it provided a more stable environment for him.

He has been visiting us for a couple of months since he left that hospital and he seems to be regressing somewhat. I felt that it is therefore necessary for him to come into a hospital where he can meet new people in a safe environment and continue his therapy. I feel that it may be necessary for him to change his medication again, either by increasing it further or changing it all together again. I believe he is a threat to himself while this transition is taking place due to his previous reactions. It was for this reason that I have asked him to fill in this application to be placed into a safe environment for the transition between medications, and to aid him with his socialization skills at the same time as this is something he admits to wanting to improve.

How have these ailments affected you and your life? Are there any major life instances you feel have been directly affected by these ailments, such as suicide attempts, criminal activities, etc?:

Well, I've never had any real friends, if that counts? I've never found anyone that doesn't lie to me. How can you trust someone that lies? It's just... It's just not right. It's hard to trust people anyway but when people lie to you it only makes it worse. I don't want to get too close to people in case they don't like me or try to humiliate me but... It gets lonely sometimes. And I suppose the self harm does have an impact too. It makes me unable to live in the normal world with other people because they stare. I don't like the stares. They make me uncomfortable, but it helps to feel self inflicted pain because it gives me some control back.

Deliberate Self Harm has become part of his life which has been taken too far once or twice. It was not intentionally done to cause suicide as far as I can tell, and more an accident that it went too far, but I would still recommend keeping a close eye on his Deliberate Self Harming just in case it goes too far again in the future.

What is your social life like? Do you have many friends or relationships? How are your family relationships?:

I don't have particular friends. I have a few... Acquaintances that I don't dislike. There are a few people that I sometimes show my drawings to. I suppose they're alright. But I wouldn't say we're friends. I prefer my own company anyway. I don't need friends. All I need is my imagination, a pencil and a piece of paper. As for family, well, I have no family.

Ramirez was emotionally neglected from a young age by his father. He has not yet mentioned his mother. It would appear that he didn't show much interest in his son, barely acknowledging his existence during times where he substance abused. The only time Ramirez ever appears to have been taken to doctors or to hospitals for health check ups was when he was seriously ill with influenza, when he broke his arm and for his inoculations before moving to America.

In the reports that I have read from his Mexican physicians, I have noticed that there is mention of bruising not associated with the injuries he had been taken there for. Ramirez has said himself that he can be clumsy, so this may be nothing, but I feel there is more to it than what he has told me. He has expressed that he was emotionally neglected, never being given any attention from a young age.

Do you believe your life circumstances have contributed to any ailments? If so, what circumstances, and why do you feel they have contributed?:

If my dad didn't drink and that, I think he might've had more time for other people rather than himself. I'd imagine that didn't help. And I wouldn't have turned to Self Harm if... If I was allowed to leave the house, allowed to draw, even if I was allowed out of my room... It wasn't so bad before I went to school. I remember him reading to me, even. But when I had friends and he didn't, he started drinking more. And then he began to force me to stay in the house, locking me in my room so I had to be alone too, like him. If I rebelled, he punished me. And the punishments and being locked in my room got worse. I was punished more or locked in for longer... I don't want to say anything more... Can I stop now? Please?

Ramirez has previously expressed to me in therapy sessions that he despises drink and drugs because of what they can do to people and the effect they can have on other people who aren't involved. I would be inclined to believe that what he is saying here is correct; his confinement quite possibly lead to his Deliberate Self Harm. Had he been allowed freedom to do as he wished, there is a high possibility that he would have turned to drawing, his preferred distraction, instead. This may have also contributed to his will to be alone; it is likely to be something he was conditioned into believing, that when he feels strong emotions he has to be alone.

If you could change one past event that has happened to you, what would it be, and why?:

I wouldn't change the past. For all I know, it could create an even nastier present, or future. Of course, it would have been nice if I had a better past... But that can't be changed. But maybe... Maybe my future can be better? Maybe.

Do you wish to rehabilitate from your ailment(s)? If so, how do you feel this would best be accomplished?:

I don't want to have to socialize all the time. I don't like people. I don't trust them. But it would be nice to... To stop the... You know... The self harm. I don't like talking about that. And I certainly don't enjoy doing it. But... I don't know how to... You know... Stop. And it would be nice not to be angry all the time over stupid things too. But I don't want to keep trying new medications. I hate them. But I don't know what else can be done. I suppose trying alternatives offered here might be a good start. I want to change my future. I don't want it to be like the past. I'm willing to try therapy. I don't like socializing but... But I'll try.

Environmental History

Where did you grow up? Please list the location(s) and describe what it was like growing up there:

Monterrey, Mexico, was my first home. I didn't like living there alone with just my dad once he started drinking for days on end. It was unpleasant. I spent several years of that time locked in rooms in solitary confinement there. This was my dad's way of punishing me when he was too drunk to do anything else and he had a habit of forgetting I was even there. If I tried to get his attention though... Well, I don't want to talk about that right now. Anyway, I lived there until I was 13 years old, at which point my dad decided to move to America with his new girlfriend - well, I say girlfriend. They were married by that time, I guess - and he took me with him. To be honest, that was probably the only nice thing he ever did. As his new wife was an American citizen, he was able to get sponsored and become an American citizen too. As I was his son, I came too, also sponsored, I suppose. I don't really remember. Anyway, we moved to Boulder in Colorado. It was alright there, I suppose, but I didn't really have any friends and I didn't do so well in school. My dad still hit the bottle regularly if my step-mum was away for business, and I would often have to miss school for days being punished for one thing or another. That, and I wasn't allowed to go if... If... I don't want to talk about it. Do I have to finish that question?

I moved to Alamogordo when I was 18. I wanted to be as far away from my dad as I could be and it seemed like a friendlier, more artistic, neighborhood. I found there was an art group there that I could share my drawings with and I felt like I belonged, at least more than I had done before. I like it there. I still live there now, actually. But my dad... He won't leave me alone... He's always... There...

What was your family life like? Did you spend much time with your parents? Do you have any siblings? If so, what are your relationships like?:

My dad... We didn't get along. I don't know my step-mom so well.

From what I can gather about Ramirez' past, I don't think he ever knew his mother. He hasn't told me what happened to her but he is starting to open up gradually. I believe there is something buried in his past associated with her that he is unwilling to discuss at this time. Further therapy would help here.

What was school like? Did you have any problems? Did you enjoy school? What were your grades like?:

School was okay in Mexico at the start. I had quite a few friends, even. But then it all changed and those friends I had didn't want to be around me. They all thought I was weird, and they looked for reasons to tease me. I had to have time off quite often from around the fourth year I was there... They started to not talk to me when I went back each time, like I had some sort of disease that needed humiliation... I didn't do badly with my grades though, at least not while I was attending.

I really hated American school at first because when I moved here I didn't speak much English at all so it was difficult for me to fit in with anyone. I found a few others that spoke Mexican soon enough though, but I didn't feel like I really... Belonged? My grades suffered from my lack of knowledge in the language at the time, but I would say I wouldn't have been much better if I had taken the same exams in Mexico. I guess I'm just not that bright.

Whenever Ramirez has mentioned school, it has generally been on a negative note. While he claims it wasn't so bad in Mexico here, I believe it wasn't great for him either. He seems to believe that he was regularly the subject of jokes among the other children, although there is no record of this anywhere in his school files. He claims that he trusted nobody in any of his later years in American school. Before his father's alcoholism, it appears that he got along well with his peers. Until the age of around 10, he would frequently talk to a number of people he declared were his friends, but as he got older this greatly declined. This seems to coincide with his father's increase in drinking; the more his father drank, the more distrusting he became of others.

He enjoys reading, particularly books about art, and he is quite knowledgeable on this subject however. Art techniques and art history are both something he has read a lot on.

Did you engage in any extracurricular activities, such as academic, artistic, or sporting clubs?:

I did art a lot. I wouldn't say I was in any clubs or anything but I learned to show other people my art. They seemed to like it. The only people I got on with then were other people that liked art. I still draw a lot now. It helps.

Even as I help him to fill in this application, he has been drawing on a scrap of paper I gave him. Drawing is something that manages to calm him down when nothing else does. I believe it has been implemented as a sort of coping mechanism for him and he feels unable to cope without it.

What was work like? Did you have any problems? Did you enjoy your work? What were your coworker relationships like?:

I've never worked, not properly... I just draw. Sometimes if people like it, they'll buy the drawing from me.

Ramirez has always found it difficult to find work. He has expressed that he has difficulties in connecting with the other employees, or even the employer. His jobs have never lasted more than a week.

Have you ever been convicted of a crime or misdemeanour? If yes, please explain, list conviction, and list any sentences associated with convictions:

No, nothing.

Lastly, please tell us about yourself. How do you feel about yourself and what you have done with your life? If you have committed crimes, how do you feel about those now? What are your hopes for the future?:

I'm just Ramirez Garcia. There's nothing special about me, I'm just me. I self harm because of my past, and present sometimes, and the medicines they've put me on don't do anything to help.

So far with my life, I've learned to draw. That's the best thing that's ever happened to me. Of course, coming to America was also great. But if I couldn't draw, I'd be dead. I know I would. I don't deserve the chance to get better because it's my fault it's all like this. My existence has hurt so many people, yet when I hurt myself, they stop me.

Obviously moving to America has been an achievement. It's an important part of my life. Vital, I suppose, really. But I can't help feeling as though I don't deserve it. There's many other Mexicans that would love to live here, yet at the time I would've given nearly anything to have stayed there. I'm glad I moved here now though, so at least something good came out of it.

Out of Character Section

What are they not telling us? What secrets do they have to hide? What back story are we not hearing? This is where you can tell us all the things your character wouldn't put on an application, or others don't know.:

Ram was abused by his father, physically, emotionally and mentally, if this wasn't already clear from the application. He was emotionally neglected which resulted in an insecure avoidant attachment pretty much from the start of his life. He learned fairly early on (aged around 8 or 9) that nobody would comfort him. If he was hurt and complained his father would only hurt him more to "show him what real pain was like". The name-calling also got to him, making him feel extremely low and lack self-worth. He has never repeated these names and would never use them on others either for fear of making anyone feel how he feels.

Ram's mother is dead. She died giving birth to Ram and his father told him it was his fault it happened. After she died, it didn't take long for him to start drinking and taking drugs, the effects of which were soon taken out on their children.

Ram had a sister whom he has never spoken about. She died as a result of one of their father's drunken angry outbursts. He frequently locked them in the house, or in their rooms, so that they couldn't get away during his violent outbursts. She was knocked to the ground by a heavy blow to the head by their father which resulted in internal bleeding on the brain and she died less than four hours later. Ram was locked in the room with her for 2 days, and he didn't leave her side even when he knew she was dead. He was forced to sit and watch her die, feel her going cold and then stay with her dead body until someone came to find them. His father finally sobered up and released them, finding his daughter dead. He reported it to the police as an accident and Ram has never spoken about it since to anyone, even his father. His step-mother doesn't even know that he had a sister.

Your Nickname: Ellee
Your Chatango Screen Name: Iamellee
Your Character's Playby: Lee Min Ho

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PostSubject: Re: Ramirez Garcia   Ramirez Garcia EmptySun Aug 05, 2012 6:21 pm


This application is currently pending. Below, you'll find the reasons for this pending notice. If you wish to continue the application process, please follow the points laid out below by a member of Hallowsgate's staff.

  • Ramirez is almost ready for the haunted halls of Hallowsgate, but he needs a little tweaking before we release him into the wild.
  • The first point we would like to address is that we feel, at this time, the one definitive diagnosis that we can see, taking into account Ramirez’ behavior, is Reactive Attachment Disorder, part of which is mentioned in the secrets section. Unfortunately, this isn’t on our accepted issues list at this time. Otherwise, as far as diagnoses, we can see C-PTSD, Deliberate Self Harm, Intermittent Explosive Disorder, Avoidant Personality Disorder, Possible depression, and possible Generalized Anxiety Disorder. At this time, we must ask you to pick one or two issues and focus only on those, making sure they fit Ramirez. As of now, this application is rather confusing because there is so much going on, and it feels as if he was made with a case of RAD which is trying to be explained through other diagnoses. We’d like to see that changed, preferably.
  • At this time we ask that the issues be toned down, and we will review it fresh!
  • We appreciate you hanging in there with us and we look forward to having you! Smile


Please reply to this thread once you have edited your application, to let us know, and a member of Hallowsgate's staff will review your application again at our next possible convenience.

This app was reviewed by: Ghost, Lindi, Space, Zillah, and Havoc.
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Ramirez Garcia

Ramirez Garcia

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PostSubject: Re: Ramirez Garcia   Ramirez Garcia EmptyMon Aug 06, 2012 5:32 pm

I've updated it Smile


Ramirez Garcia Ramblcksig
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PostSubject: Re: Ramirez Garcia   Ramirez Garcia EmptyMon Aug 06, 2012 6:02 pm

Ramirez Garcia Approvedk


    WARD: Male
    BED: 03
    THERAPIST: Dr. Finn McAlister



Before you begin play, you must complete the few steps listed below:

  • Sign up for the Hallowsgate Patient membergroup HERE.
  • Sign up for the who plays who list HERE.
  • Sign up your play-by on the face claim HERE.

Don't forget to familiarise yourself with the pertinent patient handbooks and other in character information that you'll need to reference for play, and have fun!


Ramirez Garcia Siggyei
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Finn McAlister

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PostSubject: Re: Ramirez Garcia   Ramirez Garcia EmptyWed Aug 22, 2012 9:42 pm


    Date: August 22, 2012
    Attending: Dr. Finn McAlister
    Session: Individual Therapy

Therapy Notes: Today's session with Ramirez Garcia was an icebreaker session, simply to touch base with Mr. Garcia. I provided snacks and drinks, as well as art supplies, however the snacks were not touched. Mr. Garcia entered rather pensively, and did not want to talk initially, keeping things on a surface level only. However, I opened the topic of art, and he seemed to open up significantly. He thoroughly enjoys art, and proceeded to draw with the crayons provided while I painted. I stated that, should I wish to paint my office, he is to be allowed to join, and I do plan on taking Mr. Garcia out on a day trip to get select art supplies to keep in my office for his pleasure. I touched base on his siblings and home life, but the discomfort of both topics made me put it on hold for another session. I kept this session light, in hopes to earn a bit of Ramirez's trust.

Additional: As soon as my schedule load lightens, I plan on taking Ram, as he likes to be called, into town for art supplies. I also believe Ram responds well to art activities, and I implore anyone running a GT session with Ram to include art supplies, atleast to fiddle with.

Follow-Up: Continue as normal.


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PostSubject: Re: Ramirez Garcia   Ramirez Garcia EmptyFri Dec 07, 2012 4:15 pm


    Date: Nov 30, 2012
    Attending: Dr. Anita Forrester

Therapy Notes: I came across Mr. Garcia wandering the hall somewhat sheepishly clutching a sketchbook and drawing tools. He was clearly uncomfortable and looking for something to do. I approached him and asked if he needed anything and he replied that he was 'looking for something to draw' apparently run out of subjects. I proceeded to invite him into my office where we set up the subject and lighting for a still life composed of balls of yarn and fake flowers.

Additional: Mr. Garcia seemed apprehensive to ask anything of the staff, seemingly afraid of imposing. Also he seemed keen to make connections with others interested in art but at the same time seemed to regard his talent for drawing as not being useful enough.

Follow-Up: I would recommend fostering his interest in art, however I think it would also be highly beneficial to try to have Mr. Garcia experiment with new activities and interests as we don't want drawing to become an obsession or too strong a coping mechanism. I think having more balance to his life would be good for him.

His self-confidence is obviously lacking. Being encouraged to ask for the things he wants and to make connections with the people around him is recommended.

OOC: This thread is on-going.


Ramirez Garcia Ddhkw3
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Ramirez Garcia
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