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 Love and hunger

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PostSubject: Love and hunger   Tue Jun 19, 2012 12:16 pm

The year is 2022. In the bustling city of Chicago a man is rising in prestige and power. His name is Jesse Turner. As a child constantly on the run he turned bitter about how he couldn't have a real childhood. In his mind was always a whisper. Telling him that he was destined for so much more. Teaching him how to use his powers while hopping from place to place. He called the voice within his mind 'Father'. Together they were able to form Jesse into what he was always destined to be. The Anti-Christ. A few years after he started to master his power the boy realized that two men could be held responsible for his current lot as a runaway. Sam and Dean Winchester. A few months after stopping the Leviathan's Jesse found and killed both men. Thus started his plunge into darkness.

Dark times are rising in the city of Chicago. There is a shadow war in the streets. Heaven, Hell, and a new threat are putting their pieces together. Trying to take out the other. The city has felt the ravages of this war as a new power rises and shakes the very foundation of the Second City.

Hunters are coming to Chicago knowing that their is a lot of action to be found there. While they are coming into the city the Special Crimes Unit of the FBI is trying to fight to keep innocent people safe and covering the supernatural movement. New heroes will rise and fight. Two Campbell brothers. Distant cousins of Sam and Dean Winchester have started actively hunting. Hearing dark musings in Chicago they know that other heroes and villains will soon arrive in this city. This is about forging a new destiny for yourself. Heroes rising to make legends of their names, and Villains rising so that their name will be cursed in infamy. Stand for who and what you believe in. Stand for the Hunger of ambition, or the Love of justice.

Love and hunger is a no canon au supernatural site, based ten years after the finale of season 7. We accept and welcome OC Characters.

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Love and hunger
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